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Inside Jeffree Star’s ranch lifestyle and glamorous physical transformation

Oh my god, he has eyebrows

The name Jeffree Star probably rings a bell for most of Gen Z, but you might be wondering why he’s not been at the forefront of pop culture for some time. After a multitude of scandals regarding race and sexual assault and lots of public drama with fellow influencers like James Charles, Star went off the radar for a few years. So, where has Jeffree been and what is he up to now? Here are all your questions answered.

Wait, how did Jeffree Star get so famous?

Jeffree Star moved to LA in 2002 after graduating from High School. He supported himself with a bunch of different makeup, modelling and music jobs. Soon after starting YouTube he gained popularity, using his account to post tutorials, vlogs, house tours and challenges that led to him gaining over 15.9 million subscribers. Forbes revealed that Jeffree earned $18 million from his youtube channel alone, which makes him the fifth-highest paid YouTuber in 2018. 

Jeffree Star became a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community, known for his androgynous looks and activism for equal rights and acceptance. Jeffree encourages people to come out of the closet with his outspoken opinions on questioning and breaking mainstream norms and gender categories.

Like many influencers, Jeffree is not a stranger to controversies. The makeup guru has been accused of racism on different occasions. One incident of racism took place in 2006 within a satirical skit between Jeffree and a drag queen in which Jeffree states that he wants to throw battery acid on a black woman to light her skin so it will match her foundation. In the clip, Jeffree says “Well maybe if she wasn’t wearing the wrong foundation I wouldn’t have to splash no battery acid. I wanted to lighten her skin tone”. Jeffree made a full video in 2017 apologising for his past racism and addressing everything.

The most recent controversy Jeffree Star was involved in was an accusation in October 2020 by journalist Kat Tenbarge that claimed that Jeffree was guilty of sexual assault and assault. The journalist claimed that Jeffree Star had paid victims hush money to keep the incidents from becoming public knowledge. Leaked documents confirm these allegations by showing that a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive did pay one of his accusers $45,000.

Where is Jeffree Star now?

Over the past two years, Jeffree Star has flown under the radar. He moved from his Los Angeles mansion to a $1.1 million ranch in Casper, Wyoming in 2020. Jeffree announced his decision to ditch his luxurious LA lifestyle following a very public online dispute between Tati Westbrook and James Charles. He later made a video on his popular YouTube channel announcing his permanent and official move in which he discussed needing a big lifestyle change after struggling with his mental health.

Jeffree told a local radio station, Kiss Casper, that he enjoyed living “off the grid” in Wyoming. He opened up about how he was planning to expand his business and companies to Casper by opening a product fulfilment centre that would bring local job opportunities.

Jeffree and his yak

Jeffree is not alone on his huge ranch – he has 40 yaks to keep him company. He launched a social media presence, “Star Yak Ranch”, to document his Wyoming-based herd and ranch life. In a YouTube video on his channel, Jeffree discussed his plans to create a line of yak-related products, like yak yarn and yak meat as well as yak-related services.

Clearly feeling inspired by his humble midwestern ranch lifestyle, Jeffree has announced the launch of new makeup products, including a Star Ranch Mini Palette with shades like Yak Farm, Wyoming, Ole’ Jeff, and Owl Eyes.

Jeffree’s Star Ranch palette

What does Jeffree Star look like now?

In a recent TikTok, Jeffree announced: “I have eyebrows for the first time in my entire life,” and we’re all so shook.

Jeffree is known for his signature lack of eyebrows (and lack of all facial hair for that matter). He’s also known to get lip filler and botox and opt for bold makeup looks. Jeffree was hard to recognise with a set of well-groomed brows, slight stubble, natural features, and a completely fresh face. Jeffree explained that he had developed a tan from ranch life, dissolved his lip fillers, had not had botox in years, and stopped getting laser hair removal. Further discussing his new natural look and the healing he’s been doing at the ranch, Star says “you’re seeing me, and I feel really happy”.

Jeffree also used this update video to advertise his new skincare line, which he suggests is responsible for his flawless glowing skin. Jeffree also uses his TikTok platform, which has accumulated 2.6 million followers and 21.7 million likes, to try and review products and share BTS moments from his life. Recent videos such as “Trying Lady Gaga’s Setting Powder” and “Melting My Makeup Off” tap into his passion for makeup and beauty whilst videos like “What gender am I today?!” and “Trying not to laugh while posing like a hoe” highlight Jeffree’s one-of-a-kind personality.

It’s undeniable that Jeffree Star has had his ups and downs throughout his 16 years of stardom. While his past holds countless controversies and enough drama to rival the Kardashians, hopefully, the ghosts of his past don’t follow Jeffree all the way to Wyoming and he can continue to work on his mental health and focus on his business… and his herd of yak of course.

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