So, how much do the couples actually drink on Married at First Sight UK?

Pjay said arguments would get so heated because of how much they’d drink


If there’s one reality TV show that is bound to cause unparalleled mayhem, it’s Married at First Sight UK. The dinner parties during the latest season of show were the main source of drama on MAFS UK and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. One thing Married at First Sight UK fans noticed is how much the contestants argued with one another and what the real reason behind it was.

A question on most fans’ tongues is how much alcohol the contestants on the show were allowed to have during filming. Love Island famously only allows contestants to have two glasses of wine a night and that’s the maximum, but on MAFS UK, it looks like they may have a lot more than just two.

So, just how much alcohol are the Married at First Sight UK cast members allowed to drink while on the show?

Pjay from Married at First Sight UK 2022 said contestants would drink when there was no food

Pjay was married to Jess for a brief period during the show before they both decided to leave the experiment. Pjay shared his personal thoughts on why the dinner parties would explode as much as they did. Speaking on the Secure The Insecure podcast, Pjay said: “Sometimes at a dinner party, everything would be fine, everyone’s getting on. Then all of a sudden, something happens. Remember, everybody’s been drinking. We’ve been there all day, everyone’s frustrated, everybody’s hungry. It was so much tension in one room. And all it took was that little fuse and it would blow up, which it did everyday.

“I’ve never really done a TV show before. So I don’t know if it is like a technique they do to maybe put you in a situation where you’re hungry and then roll the camera. I’ll call it ‘hangry’, you know when there’s no food so think ‘let’s think some alcohol’.”

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An spokesperson for Married at First Sight UK responded to Pjay’s claims and said: “Food was available before and during filming, including the option of a meal before filming began, a meal during the dinner party and snacks were available throughout. Alcohol intake was monitored across the shoot, which took place during the course of a single evening, and producers prioritised the contributor’s safety and wellbeing at all times.”

Some contestants would sneak bottles of alcohol into the dinner parties

Married at First Sight UK 2021 star Robert (Bob) Voysey revealed to The Sun he and other contestants would secretly get drunk while filming the show after sneaking in bottles of alcohol to the dinner parties.

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Bob shared that couples would get put in holding rooms before the dinner and people would sneak in bottles of wine and vodka and would get “smashed” in their rooms. “Because they were quite loose with the alcohol, it ended up going absolutely mental,” he said.

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