The full true story behind the disgusting ‘meat’ sandwich scene in the Jeffrey Dahmer series

Yes… this did happen in real life

Right now, everyone is watching Monster: The Jefferey Dahmer Story on Netflix and discussing how vile and disturbing the case is. Dahmer admitted to killing 17 young boys and men over his killing spree and was a cannibal, he sometimes ate the body parts and hearts of his victims. One scene has left everyone’s stomachs churning in particular, and it shows Jeffrey Dahmer handing over a “sandwich” to his neighbour.

In the scene, serial killer Jeffrey hands what he calls a “meat” sandwich over to neighbour Glenda Cleveland. She replies, naturally, saying she isn’t going to eat it because his flat has stunk ever since he moved in. She asks what’s even in it, and he calls the meat “like pulled pork”. Given the nature of Dahmer’s crimes, this has left people questioning if Dahmer ever fed his victims to his neighbours, and if this scene happened in real life.

Jeffrey Dahmer feeding his neighbour a meat sandwich in Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

via Netflix

Yes, the sandwich scene from the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series is based on true events

Yes, unfortunately, this did happen in real life, and Dahmer’s neighbours do actually believe they have been offered human meat by the serial killer before.

The character we see as Glenda Cleveland in the show has been slightly changed from the Glenda Cleveland in real life. It appears her character in the drama series is based on a hybrid of two real life people, who knew Jeffrey Dahmer. Glenda Cleveland was real and had the same concerns that she raised with police as we saw in the show, but she actually lived in a different building to Jeffrey Dahmer. The real next door neighbour was a woman called Pamela Bass.

Jeffrey Dahmer feeding his neighbour a meat sandwich in Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

via Netflix

Pamela featured in a documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, and recalled the moment with Dahmer and the sandwich, and confirmed this did take place. “I have probably eaten someone’s body part,” she said.

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