37 things you’ll only know if you’re the last housemate to move out

Getting ghosted on the group chat when you ask for help

Once uni comes to an end and summer rolls in, you might – like me – prefer to stay in your student house for as long as possible and make the most of the rent whilst simultaneously avoiding moving back in with your parents.

You might have hoped your housemates would stick around but one things leads to another and you find yourself in the unlucky position of being the last one in the house to move out. At times, it can be difficult and frustrating depending on how considerate your other housemates have been. These are the all the things you can look forward to doing as the last person to move out of your student house:

1. Getting ghosted on the group chat when you ask for help

I know you’ve seen it x

2. Trying and failing to get money from your housemates for cleaning products

Hopefully the parents will cover it.

2. Dealing with the mountain of rubbish left behind

Praying I’m not going to run out of bin bags.

3. Having to throw all the mouldy food out

Three week old ham is not a vibe.

4. Then finding even more food behind the fridge

So. Many. Crumbs.

5. Sorting out the recycling from the general waste

Most tedious job EVER.

6. Dusting everywhere and finding endless amount of spiders

Why so many cobwebs?

7. Having to face these spiders alone

Someone please send help.

8. Cleaning EVERYTHING

There is too much.

10.  And being left with bits everyone wanted to avoid like the toilet

I wish I had gone home earlier now.

11. Making sure there are no skid marks in any of those toilets

Oddly necessary.

12. Which means finding yourself cleaning the toilet with Coca-Cola and scrubbing the loo with a lemon coz TikTok told you to

*holds breath*

13. Trying to clean the floors without a working hoover

Henry just isn’t cutting it.

14. Trying to clean the floors yet they’re still sticky afterwards

Should’ve invested in a mop.

15. Throwing away the empty gin bottles you wanted to keep for aesthetic purposes

Let’s be real they did make the kitchen.

16. Having to throw away your housemate’s odd socks because they were left in the washing machine

Easily done tbf.

17. Returning other housemates’ keys to your landlord

Could you not have posted it?

18. Making sure you’ve cancelled all of the utilities

What an absolute faff.

19. Returning the WiFi box back in the post

Can’t I just throw it away?

20. Taking home the Christmas decs because no one wants them

Hope my parents don’t mind a pink tree x

21. Making sure all the broken lightbulbs are fixed

Probs all of them tbh.

22. Spending the day looking at tutorials on how to fix a lightbulb

Will be getting DIY YouTube recommendations for life now x

23. Doing a last minute shop in Tesco to get said lightbulb

I’m not even sure if it’s going to fit.

24. Making sure none of the taps are leaking

My favourite pastime.

25. Unblocking all the shower drains that are full of everyone’s hair from the past year

Eww. Ew. Ewwww.

26. Running into Wilko looking for paint samples for the walls

It’ll still be open on a Sunday night right?

27. Somehow finding yourself gardening even though you only have a patio

Is that a bush or just weeds?

28. Having to take pictures of everywhere to make sure you get your deposit back

My phone storage is now full.

29. Being the one to communicate with your landlord

Martin and I are now besties.

30. Stressing about getting deductions from your deposits because of stains on the carpet

I have no clue how to clean carpets sorry x

31. Strategically moving all the furniture to make sure you’ve hidden all of said stains

Hopefully they’ll only notice once we have our deposits back.

32. Having to be sincere to your landlord as they do the inspection

Maybe a bribe will work better?

33. The responsibility of getting everyone’s deposits back

I take no responsibility.

34. Making sure all the windows and doors are locked before you leave

Icing on the cake would be getting burgled.

35. Checking that the cat you partially adopted from next door isn’t locked in when you leave

Sorry little guy you have to go home now.

36. Making sure you’ve not forgotten anything in the house

I will have definitely left something.

37. Saying goodbye to your house alone

Won’t miss you x

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