These are the Russell Group unis where students were least satisfied with their course in 2022

One in four students at Russell Group unis aren’t happy with the quality of their education

The 2021-22 academic year was undeniably tough for students all around the UK, with coronavirus and lecturer strikes putting a real strain on uni life.

In spite of this, the vast majority of students at Russell Group unis were happy with their academic experience.

Of the 324,329 students who took part in the National Student Survey 2022, 77 per cent were satisfied with the quality of their course, down from 83 per cent in 2020.

The University of Exeter topped the table, with 82.69 per cent of students reporting they were satisfied with the quality of the course.

In second and third place were the University of Warwick and Imperial College, London, who had course satisfaction rates of 81.81 per cent and 81.76 per cent respectively.

The Russell Group university where you’re least likely to be satisfied with your course is the University of Newcastle- just 68.34 per cent of students were happy with their course quality.

A ranking of Russell Group universities based on course satisfaction rates in 2022

Outside the Russell Group, the higher education institution with the lowest course satisfaction rate was a place called ACM Guilford.

Their motto is, “World Leaders in Music Industry Education,” but the trouble is, their students don’t seem to agree.  Just 43.37 per cent of them said they were satisfied with the quality of their course, putting the institution slap bang at the bottom of the rankings.

Perhaps more interestingly (because you might have actually heard of this uni), one in two students at Goldsmiths’ aren’t satisfied with the quality of their course (52.42 per cent).

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say students at the Northern School of Acupuncture can really see the point of their education, as 100 per cent of them are satisfied with the quality of their course.

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