Footballers, Strictly stars and boyband members: Inside the love lives of Girls Aloud

Nicola Roberts has a new boyfriend!

Girls Aloud are the best girl group of all time. Facts are facts, I’m afraid. Even as we hit 10 years since the girls’ last single, they’ve never been far from the public eye or from my mind to be honest with you. The iconic members of Girls Aloud have all had their romantic lives covered endlessly in the press when they’ve had high profile relationships, but who are the girls dating in 2022? Here’s all you need to know about Girls Aloud and their current love lives!



Cheryl Tweedy was famously married to Ashley Cole for years, and started her pop career with his surname. She now just goes by Cheryl but has taken back her maiden name of Tweedy. She also was married briefly to French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini for a short while in 2014, but they were divorced by 2016.

Cheryl then famously dated Liam Payne, starting in 2016. They have one son together, Bear, who was born in 2017. The two split in 2018. The two now happily co-parent Bear, with Liam frequently saying that the relationship they have is good and they spend a lot of time on FaceTime.

As far as we all know, Cheryl is currently single. However, she’s quite a private person on social media and does not share stuff that often, so it’s possible she is dating somebody out of the public eye.

Nadine Coyle

Girls Aloud love lives


Nadine Coyle is currently single. She’s the ex-fiancée of American footballer Jason Bell (Who was also on Strictly!) The two had an amicable split in 2019, but have a great relationship as they parent their daughter Anaíya. They even moved in together in Ireland during the pandemic for Anaíya to not be miles from each parent!

Nicola Roberts


Nicola Roberts is currently dating footballer Mitch Hahn, who plays for Team GB. They were first spotted together as a couple watching Elton John play Hyde Park at the end of June.

Kimberley Walsh


Kimberley Walsh has the longest relationship when it comes to Girls Aloud love lives, having been with Justin Scott for nearly 19 years and married to him since 2016. The couple have three children together. Justin Scott used to be in the boyband Triple 8 and they had two top 10 UK singles in the early 00s.

On Sunday 24th July in Hyde Park, London, Cheryl, Nicola, Nadine and Kimberley will be doing the Race for Life in memory of the late Sarah Harding, who lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 39 in September 2021. Sarah was a British pop music icon, and her loss is felt massively – Girls Aloud would not be Girls Aloud without her. If you wish to sign up and join the Race For Life or make a donation to Cancer Research UK you can do so here.

Featured image credit: @lilcola / @cherylofficial / @kimberleywalshofficial on Instagram.

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