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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what iconic British girl band you belong in

Being a member of Girls Aloud is my birthright

Nobody does a girl band like us. That’s just a fact. If this cursed island can do one thing well, it’s girl groups.

Spice Girls. Girls Aloud. Sugababes. The Saturdays. Little Mix. Five legendary groups all bringing something a bit different to the pop table, but all iconic (or perhaps, tragically iconic – tragiconic) in their own right.

Spice Girls put girl groups back on the map, had the branding and style of each singer down to an art and made household names of its members almost instantly. Girls Aloud were the first big talent show success, and had outrageously exciting pop production courtesy of Xenomania.

Sugababes brought the vocals, the great songwriting and the less sugary sweet attitude that made them feel SO cool – despite being absolutely plagued by member swaps and behind the scenes hell. Little Mix became the nation’s sweethearts on and off the stage where they sang their tits off every night. And The Saturdays were also knocking about making music too, which was nice for them!

You weren’t doing your childhood right if you didn’t spend it thinking about which group you should be in. Practicing their routines in your bedroom mirror and begging for your Mum to let you get your haircut like Frankie. Spending a bit too long in the music classroom at school singing as best as you could because you NEEDED to get on X Factor and ensure you got a place in the lineup for the next Little Mix-esque success story.

Well, wonder no more. Take this quiz and find out what iconic British girl band you’d have thrived in once and for all!

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