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All aboard! Francis Bourgeios has a book coming out all about his love for trains

It sounds really wholesome

TikTok star Francis Bourgeios has a new book coming out and it’s all about… you guessed it! Trains. The train enthusiast will have his very first book ‘The Trainspotter’s Notebook’ published in October 2022. The book has been dubbed as “unmissable” by book stores and is “an ode to the places and people of the railway from the internet’s most beloved trainspotter.”

The books aims to immerse readers “in the sights and sounds of the railway” as Francis takes readers “on an epic journey and shows you the joy of following your own passions.” In the book, Francis takes you along on his “most memorable trainspotting adventures” as he travels along the “fields and footbridges of the British countryside, passing through grandiose ticket halls, historic terminals and backwater stations.” Throughout the book, readers will begin to appreciate “the majesty of trains and the true pleasure of trainspotting”.


Quite unusual to bump into Percy Pig, a British icon. This year, we’re celebrating 30 years of Percy Pig and I want to make sure it’s a great day for him! (AD)

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Francis shared that he loved writing the book and said: “The anticipation of a train coming by or finding the next spot to watch a loco coming along the tracks is a time of complete focus for me, disconnecting from the rush and busyness of life. Those moments are the best fun I’ve ever had. In those moments, I feel completely at one with myself, and I want to share that feeling.”

The book has been described as “funny and heart-warming, meditative and reflective, and always joyous”.

Henry Vines, the editorial director, said: “It is impossible to watch Francis’ videos without a huge smile on your face, and his book delivers an equal dose of joy and entertainment. It encourages its audience to reconnect with the passions we all held as children, and gives readers a fresh appreciation for Britain’s industrial landscape and the extraordinary world of the railway.”

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