Ex-Islander Sherif Lanre has FINALLY revealed exactly why he was kicked off Love Island

He claims he was taken out of the villa at 4am

Former Islander Sherif Lanre has finally revealed exactly what happened that led to him being kicked off Love Island during his season in 2019. Sherif featured on Murad Merali’s podcast and spoke about his short lived time during season five of the show, and the truth behind his altercation with Molly-Mae.

Sherif was an OG Islander in the villa, and was originally coupled up with Anna Vakili. In the podcast, Sherif explained he had a very relaxed and friendly relationship with all the girls in the villa and often had banter with them. One evening he was play fighting with fellow Islander Molly-Mae as they were getting ready for bed and were having a “karate play fight”. He said: “There was a physical connection but it wasn’t like I had hit her. My leg touched her groin but it wasn’t like I kicked her.”

Pictured is Sherif from Love Island 2019

via Instagram @sherif_lanre

After the accidental kick, they continued to play fight, brushed their teeth and went to bed. Sherif recalled getting woken up in the early hours of the morning at what he assumed was around 4am. He was taken to a hut with two managers who “grilled” him about what had happened with Molly-Mae, telling him he had violated their code of conduct.

Sherif said: “In my head, I don’t think there was anytime between then and when I’d been drawn out of bed in the morning that Molly-Mae could have complained but I’ll never know.”

After being taken out of bed, Sherif claims he was taken to a separate villa for the night before being flown back to the UK. He said he didn’t get to say goodbye to any of the other Islanders and had his bags packed for him. When at the other villa, he was able to call his family to explain what had happened.

Pictured is Sherif Lanre from Love Island 2019

When asked if he referred to the altercation as a “c**t punch”, Sherif said that after it had happened, Tommy Fury had joined the two upstairs and Sherif said to him: “that’s a c**t punch”, and said that both Tommy and Molly began to laugh. Sherif said: “If I had actually hurt that girl, I wouldn’t have made a joke about it.”

Since that season Love Island, Sherif says he hasn’t spoken to Molly-Mae. “She blew up too much let’s be honest,” he said. He told Murad that he doesn’t speak to any of the Islanders from his season or other seasons of the show.

Featured image credit via Instagram @sherif_lanre.

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