This is what will happen in tonight’s huge Casa Amor recoupling, according to your votes

82 per cent of you think Jacques is going to recouple

It’s finally here. The fateful night that the Love Island producers have been building up to for the last week: the Casa Amor recoupling. Viewers have been waiting with bated breath after last night’s episode ended on one of the biggest cliff hangers so far, itching to find out how the Islanders fared in this massive event.

Ahead of of tonight’s episode, we asked you over on our Instagram what you think our beloved Islanders will do tonight: Will they decide to stick with their current couple, or twist and enter a whole new world of drama and excitement. What did you think? Let’s find out:

Paige – Stick

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Paige was a pretty unanimous decision as 92 per cent of you think she’ll stick with her current partner Jacques. Will she do what we’re all expecting or catch us off guard with a last-minute re-coupling?

Jacques – Twist

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Jacques, on the other hand, was voted to be twisting. 82 per cent of the votes showed that viewers think Jacques is out to cause a little drama and will likely be coupling up with Cheyanne tonight. We’ll have to wait and see…

Ekin-Su – Stick

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The queen of flirting and public favourite Ekin-Su has been predicted to stick by 87 per cent. After her shameless graft to get back in Davide’s good graces, she’d be silly to twist… right?

Davide – Stick

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Davide is another that the public think will stick with his current couple. 73 per cent of you believe that Ekin-Su really is the Turkish queen to his Italian king. A match truly made in heaven… at least we hope so.

Danica – Twist

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This one’s fairly obvious. 85 per cent of you predicted she will twist and for good reason; I’m sure most people can’t even remember who she’s coupled up with at the minute anyways.

Jay – Twist

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Next on the list of predicted twisters we have Jay with a 91 per cent majority. Again, unsurprising – it’s about time this guy got a proper chance at finding love.

Gemma – Stick

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Another pretty unanimous vote as 96 per cent of you reckon that Gemma is going to stay true to Luca. What gave it away? The complete lack of effort she’s put in with the Casa Amor boys? Or stating that toe-sucking is “their thing”?

Luca – Stick

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It’s looking like these two are out strongest couple at the moment, as 95 per cent of you predict he’s only got eyes for Gemma. Once again though, this is fairly obvious from the way he’s paid absolutely no attention to Casa Amor – unless this is all a game and he’s planning on spicing it up and coupling up with a random girl tonight…

Tasha – Twist

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You guys seemed a little less sure about this one as she still received a fair few votes for stick, however, 68 per cent of you think that Tasha is going to ditch her four-week-long relationship with Andrew tonight and embark on a new voyage.

Andrew – Twist

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For a couple who once told one another that they would leave the villa together, the public do not have much confidence in Andrew and Tasha. Similar to Tasha, this vote wasn’t as black or white as some of the other Islanders, but Andrew still received a majority of twist votes at 74 per cent, meaning most of you are expecting to see him turn his back on Tasha tonight. Here’s hoping they can get a refund for all those manicures they gave each other…

Indiyah – Stick

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In true Georgia Steel fashion, 69 per cent the public have voted that they reckon Indiyah will stay loyal to her Irish prince Dami. But will he do the same?

Dami – Twist

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In a shocking turn of events, Dami has spent this year’s Casa Amor pretending Indiyah doesn’t exist. This cruel twist has lead 81 per cent of voters to believe that tonight he will pull the plug on his and Indiyah’s relationship, and their whirlwind romance will come to an end, breaking the public’s hearts while they’re at it.

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