Thirst traps and espresso martinis: Inside the Instagrams of the Casa Amor boys

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Casa Amor has returned, and for the first time since 2019 the girls were sent to the secret villa instead of the boys. Six new boys entered Casa Amor on Friday and began to get to know the girls. One of the boys is about to give Gemma a run for her money for having most famous dad as one of them is the son of Boyzone singer, Ronan Keating. Before Love Island, the new boys seem to have been truly living their best lives from the looks of their Instagram accounts.

From lavish holidays in Miami to fancy restaurants and espresso martinis, these boys have been having the time of their lives. A couple of them are models and have a decent following already. Interested to see what they were getting up to before Love Island? Here is a deep dive into the Casa Amor boys’ Instagram pages:

Jack Keating

via Instagram @jackkeating11

Instagram handle: @jackkeating11

Followers: 14,500

Yes, Jack is Ronan Keating’s son. Jack only has 16 photos on his Instagram, but it is a mixture of sporty snaps of him at the gym and playing rugby and photos in restaurants with usually an espresso martini. A man after my own heart, I can get behind that.

A photo from Casa Amor boy Jack's Instagram

via Instagram @jackkeating11

Billy Brown

via Instagram @billybrown11

Instagram handle: @billybrown11

Followers: 9,100

Billy is a 23-year-old roofing company director from Surrey, and he has the classic lad Instagram page. From photos of him and his mates on holiday, on nights out and well pretty much anywhere. Billy does not shy away from showing off his immaculate dress sense and has a fair few snaps of himself in selfies and pics showing off his outfits.

A photo from Casa Amor boy Billy's Instagram

via Instagram @billybrown11

Deji Adeniyi

via Instagram @deji.adeniyi

Instagram handle: @deji.adeniyi

Followers: 8,200

25-year-old accounts manager Deji has the biggest vibes on Instagram. His page of full of pictures of him looking effortlessly gorgeous, along with photos with him and his friends on nights out and holidays. Deji is definitely the friend who makes you take 60 photos of them at every place you go to, and who can blame him? It appears that Deji has done some modelling in the past with a few posts being professionally shot.

via Instagram @deji.adeniyi

George Tasker

via Instagram @georgetasker_

Instagram handle: @georgetasker_

Followers: 4,000

Labourer George is from the Cotswolds and has the classic gym lad Instagram locked down. His Instagram is mostly photos of him in the gym or with his friends and family. George is a fan of travelling as he has shared a bunch of photos from holidays to Australia, Greece and Papua New Guinea.

A photo from Casa Amor boy George's Instagram

via Instagram @georgetasker_

Josh Samuel Le Grove

via Instagram @josh_legrove

Instagram handle: @josh_legrove

Followers: 34,200

Josh has the largest following out of all the Casa Amor boys and is a 22-year-old fashion model from Essex. Josh has modelled for the likes of JD Sports, Boohoo Man and Foot Asylum and shares his modellings shots onto his Instagram. Josh shares a lot of travelling pictures too, he has shared snaps of him in Miami, California and New York.

A photo from Casa Amor boy Josh's Instagram

via Instagram @josh_legrove

Samuel Agbiji

via Instagram @samuelagbiji

Instagram handle: @samuelagbiji

Followers: 8,100

Samuel is a content creator and model from Manchester. Similar to Josh, his Instagram is full of modelling photoshoots. Samuel also shares photos of himself at the gym and pictures with his friends.

A photo from Casa Amor boy Samuel's Instagram

via Instagram @samuelagbiji

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Featured image credit via Instagram @josh_legrove, @deji.adeniyi and @samuelagbiji.

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