Love Island fans spotted an editing fail from last night’s episode showing it was staged

How did this happen then?

Last night, Love Island viewers spotted a huge editing error. Someone posted a screenshot which shows a moment where Dami appears in the frame twice. It’s pointing towards Love Island being staged and fans are confused.

The specific moment can be seen after the recoupling when Ekin-Su picked Davide and Antigoni was left with Charlie because Danica chose Jay. Antigoni ended up storming off after recoupling and the villa was pretty much divided. Everyone was talking about what happened and the boys quizzed Jay on what he said to Danica prior to the recoupling.

via ITV

Luca, Jay, Jacques, Charlie, Andrew and Dami are all seen standing around the fire pit but then we also saw Dami walking away with Indiyah in the same frame. It’s wild.

One person on Twitter said: “Love Island, please explain why Dami is in two places at once? He’s clearly at the first pit, and clearly walking away with Indiyah? Why edit this together? It doesn’t make sense.”

Another person said “The editing is so bad this year” whilst tagging Amber Gill and Murad Merali.

A fan said: “It’s definitely Dami as he’s got his hand on Indiyah’s bum! Why edit this together? I can’t see the point of it. Unless the conversation took place at a later time and they wanted to make more drama, maybe.”

Just two weeks ago there was another huge editing error where Gemma changed outfits. At the start of the video, Gemma is wearing a beige dress, but after cutting to show other Islanders and then returning back, Gemma is wearing beige trousers. The clip is shown to us as though the conversation is in real time, and not at all edited. Big yikes!

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