Ekin-Su Turkish soap

I found clips of Ekin-Su acting on Turkish soaps and she needs an Academy Award immediately

Turkey’s answer to Gail Platt

If there’s one icon in the villa that I can’t stop thinking about, it’s my Turkish queen Ekin-Su. Since she walked into the most famous villa in the world announcing that she’s an actress in Turkey’s soap land, I’ve not thought about anything else than what kind of mesmerising performances she’s been serving up over there. She is the drama supreme of the villa, and I just KNEW that would translate to the soapy screen. And I was right. Here’s an iconic nine minute video of Ekin-Su on a Turkish soap, acting the house DOWN.

Okay, YouTube auto-translated captions are cursed and I’m not sure they’re accurate (According to YouTube, the main guy said he’s “turned up to blow you” on the phone to another man, which considering Turkey’s stance on the rights of LGBTQ people doesn’t quite seem like it’s correct to me). But, from what I can make out, Ekin-Su is a photographer from London who’s in chapters 33-39. She’s on a beach in the clip, and is after entry to a house with the lead character Kuzey. It’s hard to follow!

The Turkish soap is called North Star, First Love and seems pretty wild, which suits what we know of Ekin-Su to a tee. It’s about a man who left for Istanbul 20 years ago but now came back and fell in love with his childhood sweetheart, who, according to a translated Wikipedia page – shot herself on a mountain when he left her back in the day? O-kayyyyy.

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