These 41 Stranger Things memes are so good even Vecna is Running Up That Hill to see them

I need Jopper to adopt me

The fourth season of Stranger Things is a whole new level of dark. You’d think that people wouldn’t be up for making memes but naturally fans of the show are just as unhinged as the plot and the season has been meme’d to hell and back. In fact, the memes are so good that even Vecna can’t stop laughing at them. So sit back, think about Jopper and enjoy these 41 Stranger Things memes.

1. Classic

2. Murray is the best third wheel

3. Another one

4. I am not okay

5. He’s so cool

6. You can’t convince me otherwise!

7. No thoughts

8. Truth

9. It’s a really good plot

10. Happily

11. We’ve got one season left

12. Stopppp

13. Yes

14. Little guy alert!

15. Omg

16. I love them both so much

17. I was sobbing

18. End of!

19. We can’t all have Kate Bush

20. Everything was perfection

21. She had it coming!!

22. I am sobbing

23. Lmaooooo

24. ‘Cooked tf out of this bitch’

25. So it’s agreed we all hate Angela?

26. Protect them at all costs!

27. It’ll be on mine too


29. Dusty bun queen

30. I’m crying

31. She’s an icon

32. I’ll be a Jopper until death

33. She’s so cool

34. Our talented king

35. Never ever

36. He’s such a vibe

37. Us for the rest of our lives

38. The perfect meme

39. Not Lois omg

40. This is jokes

41. RIP Barb

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