Stranger Things Kate Bush Running Up That Hill

Fans are just realising why Max’s favourite song is Running Up That Hill and it’s so sad

I am sobbing so hard rn

Stranger Things four fans have all been emotionally traumatised by the fourth episode, Dear Billy. There’s a reason why Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows on Netflix and the latest season has been branded as one of the scariest yet. It follows Vecna, an evil demon who targets people who have suffered trauma. One of his targets in Stranger Things four is Max and in her final minute of need, Kate Bush Running Up That Hill saves her life.

But fans are only realising why Max’s favourite song is Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush and it’s sad. And I’m not saying it’s like “oh that’s sad”, it’s more of a gut wrenching and soul-destroying kind of sad. Here’s the reason why Max from Stranger Things four loves Kate Bush singing Running Up That Hill so much.

It’s all to do with escaping heartbreak after the death of her brother

Stranger Things Kate Bush Running Up That Hill

Max’s friends used the song to force her out of a hypnotic state. The track is from Kate Bush’s album Hounds of Love which was released in 1985. Throughout season four and up to this point, Max was looking for a way to escape the heartbreak she feels over her brother and this song fits her perfectly.

In the chorus, Kate Bush sings: “And if I only could, I’d make a deal with God and I’d get him to swap our places.” This is referring to Max and Billy’s relationship which she attempts to mend when at his graveside. Reading the letter she wrote for him, Max explains how she always thought they’d end up being friends despite not getting along.

Once she was under Vecna’s curse, she “ran up that hill” towards her friends and saved herself from death. I am sobbing.

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