Steve Harrington from Stranger Things is a walking thirst trap and these tweets prove it

Babysitting at six, battling bats shirtless at nine

It is a rule that there are some things in life that divide people, such as the existence of marmite. However, Steve Harrington is the exception to this rule and I think we can all agree that we all either want to be him, want to know him, or want to date him.

Steve Harrington and his hair have had the two best character arcs in the show and he is now a certified heartthrob, hair model, and proud mother of four.

I’m obsessed, Twitter is obsessed, and so are you. So whilst we all wait impatiently for volume two here are 23 tweets to tide you over until we can see Steve on our screens once more.

1. A modern masterpiece

2. Same sis honestly

3. I’m actually speechless rn, give me a minute

4. Well, I’m free all week so…

5. Protect this man at all costs

6. He needs to drop his routine

7. Every time he breathes I forget to breathe

8. Coffee and Steve Harrington, two of the most popular things on the planet

9. Everyone take notes

10. Steve Harrington has major Harry Headbanger energy

11. Oh to be a pringle

12. It’s an impossibility

13. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make

14. I’ve never felt so seen

15. His hair has had the best character arc

16. Shoutout to those who feel like they’ve watched Stranger Things via Twitter, Facebook and TikTok

17. He speaks for us all

18. Him and his hair of course

19. I’m begging

20. World chaos would ensue

21. This man is like a renaissance painting

22. It’s a full time job being a mother to so many kids

23. White boy of the decade

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