Love Island Gossip Column: A secret feud? Plus an Islander dated a Too Hot To Handle star!

It’s all kicking off already! 👀

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2022 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

People are saying Gemma is the new Molly-Mae

We all know the Islanders these days go on the show for fame and fortune, but people are already backing 19-year-old Gemma Owen to be the new Molly-Mae. Gemma has previously said she looks up to Kylie Jenner, and people are questioning if her having a swimwear company and going into the villa is all simply a business transaction.

Publications are saying Gemma is “sizing up” Molly-Mae’s career, after it was revealed she is now the richest ex-Islander ever.

Gemma set up a new business just weeks Love Island started?!

If you don’t believe Gemma is in this for the career, she really is proving herself as ready for the influencer post-Love Island life. She set up a “media representation company” called OG Promotions just weeks before the launch of Love Island. Yep, really.

via ITV

If she wins, Tasha has said she plans to donate half the prize fund

Tasha has said that, if she wins, she will donate half of her prize money to a charity which supports deaf children. Tasha, who is the show’s first deaf contestant, said: “If I did win Love Island my plan is to give 50 per cent of it away to The National Deaf Children’s Society, I have raised money for charities before and it’s something I love to do and to give back.”

Apparently there is a ‘secret feud’ between two Islanders already

Fans are saying they have already spotted a “secret feud” in the villa, and hints that two Islanders already “hate” one another. Last night, there was a bit of an awkward exchange between Gemma and Liam, after they were paired together by the public. After Liam asked her if she knew what his degree course meant, Gemma said: “”Don’t be a dick. No I’m not playing that stupid game.”

On Twitter, people accused Gemma of “eating him alive” and The Sun is reporting that the exchange has left viewers questioning if we are already seeing edited versions of conversations with something missing that would have explained why she had been so short.

Lol fair enough x

Love Island has faced backlash over not having subtitles

Love Island has already faced some backlash as, despite having its first ever deaf Islander on the show, it has failed to add subtitles. One person wrote on Twitter: “Some irony of the first deaf contestant on #LoveIsland being celebrated but @itvhub has no subtitles on the live show.” Another added: “They got a deaf person in and yet all their series STILL haven’t got subtitles and I’m betting this series won’t have subtitles as well… what a way to go! If you want deaf people to enjoy it. PUT THE SUBTITLES ON GODDAMNIT!”

ITV responded to one tweet saying it is “working on” offering subtitles.

Tasha used to date someone from Too Hot To Handle!!!

Just three months before she headed into the famous villa, Tasha was dating Robert from season two of Too Hot To Handle! According to reports, Tasha started dating Robert in October last year and the pair were together for five months. Tasha apparently ended it just three months before she was announced for the ITV2 show.

“Robert is gutted after seeing Tasha on Love Island,” a source told the MailOnline. “She ticks all his boxes and he had hoped to reconnect with her after regretting their breakup. Tasha is the one that got away and he believes he let a gem go, watching her on the show this summer won’t be easy for him.”

via Instagram @robertvantromp

Amber had a famous boyfriend too?!

Tasha isn’t the only one. It’s been revealed Luca used to date Saffron Barker, and Amber has a famous ex too! Speaking to The Sun last week, Amber said: “Have I dated anyone famous? Yes, but I’m going to keep that to myself for the moment. Obviously that relationship didn’t work out, as I’m going on Love Island.

“It didn’t end because I’d cheated or been cheated on though, to the best of my knowledge I’ve never been cheated on, though I suppose you never really know. I think I will talk about my ex in the villa if people ask. I’m definitely an open person, so I’d be happy to.”

Tonight the Islanders will play a game in the villa

via ITV

And in the sneak peek section of the gossip column, tonight will see the Islanders play a fun game together. It’s the first challenge of the series and today it’s boys versus girls as the Islanders are about to get to know one another a little better. Arriving at a Love Island-inspired airport security area, one by one the Islanders will approach the conveyor belt as they read out a saucy secret.

It’s up to the girls and boys to determine which of their fellow Islanders this secret is about and then do their very own cheeky airport security check before sharing a smooch with them. Afterwards it’s revealed whether they answered correctly or not. The game sees Luca and Tasha lock lips for the first time.

via ITV

Oh, and Davide makes his decision, leaving one boy vulnerable.

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