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All the false reports you’ve heard about the Depp v Heard trial, debunked

Nothing’s what it seems

Understatement time: This trial has been a ride, for all the wrong reasons.

What happens when a case rooted in domestic violence, more high-profile than anyone can actually fathom, allows cameras in court to constantly stream proceedings on live TV? As well as stan wars, petty memes and brands being weird (again), the rumour mill has been out-of-control.

For the most part, people have just been *saying words*, allowing those words to take off and not doing anything to de-escalate the situation when they’re picked up by major social media accounts and news outlets. Do the stories make sense? No. Would any of these things happen in real life? No. Do some people need their Twitter privileges revoked? Absolutely yes.

As we come to the end of the trial, why don’t we look back at some of the wildest conspiracies to come straight from Fairfax:

Amber Heard fully just quoted from films during her testimony

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Fact status: False

The Amber Heard conspiracies began flying around as soon as she took to the stand. Someone said her opening testimony was directly stolen from a line in The Talented Mr Ripley, effectively at random, and the internet just ran with it. Here’s what people claimed she said:

“The thing with (Johnny)… it’s like the sun shines on you, and it’s glorious. And then he forgets you and it’s very, very cold … When you have his attention, you feel like you’re the only person in the world, that’s why everybody loves him so much.”

Here’s how she actually opened her testimony:

“This is horrible for me to sit here, for weeks, and relive everything. Hear people that I knew; some well, some not, my ex-husband, with whom I shared a life, speak about our lives in the way that they have. This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever gone through, for sure.”

Milani Cosmetics was called out in the lawyers’ opening statements


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Fact status: False

On 22nd April, the official Milani Cosmetics TikTok account posted a video “debunking” a claim Amber’s legal team reportedly made about her makeup habits. People assumed Elaine Bredehoft (Heard’s lawyer) told the court Heard had used the brand’s Correcting Kit during her marriage, which lasted between 2015 and 2016.

Milani’s video explained it couldn’t possibly have been used during that time, as the kit wasn’t released until 2017. This turned into a “gotcha” moment for fans of Johnny Depp, who called Heard out for allegedly lying.

It was later confirmed during Heard’s testimony that the palette used to visually illustrate her point wasn’t actually the one she used during her marriage. Plus, Bredehoft didn’t mention a brand’s name during her opening statement.

Milani hasn’t said a word about it since the video – or responded to our requests for comment.

Heard used coke while on the stand

Fact status: False

I feel like it should go without saying at this point – but no, Amber Heard did not secretly snort coke under a tissue while giving her literal testimony.

According to Insider, a tweet accusing the actress of using drugs on the stand amassed around 200,000 likes. Sites like PolitiFact have naturally debunked the rumour, citing a larger pattern of people making wild claims about Heard in order to discredit her.

Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez are sleeping together

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Fact status: False

The Daily Mail – among others – has recently debunked this one. Vasquez has been fighting hard in Johnny Depp’s corner – probably because she’s literally paid to do it and that’s her job. Sadly for some, Vasquez reportedly has a realtor boyfriend based in Britain.

Apropos of nothing, I wonder why no-one’s said Ben Chew is secretly shagging Depp?

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