johnny depp trial outcome

As Depp v Heard comes to an end, here are all the possible outcomes of the trial

The final arguments will be heard this Friday (27th May)

It’s been a gruelling month, but the Depp v Heard trial will finally come to a close this week (27th May). The final arguments from both sides will be heard, and a jury will be expected to arrive at a verdict between now and next week.

To recap, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for £39 million. He claims he was defamed by an opinion article Heard wrote for the Washington Post, in which she called herself a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” The actor wasn’t named in the piece.

Over the last five weeks, both parties have given evidence, testified and brought witnesses forward. As we wait to hear the jury’s decision, here are all six possible outcomes of the trial:

Johnny Depp wins – and he’s awarded £39 million

johnny depp trial outcome

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If Depp has been able to convince the jury he was defamed by Heard’s Washington Post article, he could walk away with all the money he claimed. The equivalent in US dollars is $50 million, which allegedly makes up for lost wages after being sacked from Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts.

Johnny Depp wins – and he gets less than £39 million


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The actor could win – but the jury may decide he isn’t deserving of the full £39 million. If this is the case, Amber Heard will still be asked to compensate him partially.

Amber Heard wins – and she’s awarded £81 million

johnny depp trial outcome

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If Amber Heard wins, this means the jury has reason to believe she was telling the truth in her op-ed. As the Aquaman actress is counter-suing Depp for £81 million ($100 million) in damages, he’ll be asked to pay up. There hasn’t been an explanation yet as to why she’s suing the actor this amount of money – although she has said she lost out on roles due to Depp’s “controlling” behaviour.

Amber Heard wins – and she’s awarded less than £81 million

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If Heard wins, it’s still a possibility she may not receive the entirety of £81 million. If the jury decides it’s too much, Depp will be asked to pay a lesser amount.

Neither party wins, and they walk away with nothing

If the jury is unsatisfied with the evidence they’ve been shown so far, neither Depp or Heard will be awarded with anything.

An out-of-court settlement is reached

It’s important to remember this is a defamation case, not a domestic violence case – this means the matter can be resolved out-of-court between the pair, and no criminal charges will be involved. But seeing as we’re coming to the end of a lengthy trial – and Heard’s lawyers have already tried to get the case thrown out – this is unlikely to happen.

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