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Gia Gunn tweeted there was ‘zero beauty’ at DragCon LA and it’s caused Drag Race DRAMA

Farrah Moan then called Gia ‘the human embodiment of the Scream mask’

This weekend, DragCon LA finally returned after two years off due to the pandemic. Queens from all across the franchise, including a lot of the girls from over here in the UK, flew out to Los Angeles to set up their booths and showcase their drag, meet fans and serve looks. Pictures and videos have flooded social media, with a lot of queens meeting each other for the first time and having a jolly good time. But not everyone was impressed by the goings on. Never one to mince her words, Gia Gunn tweeted the following: “I saw zero beauty at this year’s DragCon… What happened to the glamour?”

This, of course, got the drama absolutely drama-ing, with many queens from the franchise speaking out against Gia Gunn and her DragCon take. Gia Gunn doubled down on her take, tweeting “I’m an icon sweets, no need to stand in a barn stall waiting to get the life sucked out of me for pennies. I’ve learned conserving your energy is far more valuable than fame or any dollar amount. I give credit to all the queens who were visible this weekend! Enough said.”

Farrah Moan in particular went hard, tweeting “I know somebody that looks like the human embodiment of the Scream mask didn’t just come for everybody’s DragCon looks.”

Gia Gunn responded by screenshotting Farrah Moan’s tweet and saying the following: “I know the girl/boy/whatever you are who needs drama to stay relevant, is as inflamed as the Pillsbury Doughboy and shames sex workers is not trying to come for it. Don’t you have cigarettes and cocaine to be tending to my love?”

Farrah Moan then tweeted: “Uh oh, we’ve upset Miss Ketamine Continental 2022”, to which Gia Gunn tweeted “I’ve been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for over one year. Those of you who know me personally can vouch for this.” The girls are well and truly fighting.

Canada’s Drag Race season two queen Océane Aqua-Black called Gia Gunn out for her DragCon tweet in the replies, calling her tweet “hurtful” and saying that she waved at Gia in the past and got ignored.

Most of the Drag Race alumni used Gia’s tweet to laugh in disagreement with her take, with Shea Couleé sarcastically branding her “a true comedy queen”, to which Farrah Moan replied “A true evil demon queen from hell queen.”

Jasmine Kennedie weighed in with a picture that speaks for itself:

Mariah Paris Balenciaga brought up Gia’s infamous season six wonky eyelashes with her take:

Heidi N Closet looked for the glamour, but it remains to be seen if she found it!

Aquaria also had her say on the matter, quoting Kim K:

A shady DragCon tweet from Gia Gunn that has instantly become an iconic part of Drag Race culture? That’s history. There’s no resolution in sight, but it will definitely be a day on Twitter that the Drag Race fandom will remember for a long time.

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