‘The most evil documentary ever’: People are shook at Our Father on Netflix

‘Our Father has to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched’

If you’re looking for your next documentary binge, early reviews of Our Father are calling it one of the best and most shocking Netflix has had to date.

The show follows Jacoba Ballard, who had always wanted a sibling, but after taking a DNA test found she had a handful of them. She soon realised the common denominator with her and her half-siblings: Their mothers had all been treated by fertility doctor, Donald Cline. He had told patients he was using donor sperm, but without their consent, had actually been using his own samples.

Here’s what Our Father on Netflix covers, and what reviews of the documentary film have said so far.

Reviews and what people are saying about documentary Our Father on Netflix

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Our Father explores the twisted true story of fertility doctor Donald Cline

Donald Cline was a top fertility doctor in Indiana, who practised over a period of around 40 years. If you had fertility issues and lived in the area, it was highly likely you would end up in his care. However, Cline had a sickening secret: He was using his own sperm to impregnate female patients, without them knowing.

During this time, DNA testing was not around, so Cline had the assumption he would never be caught out. However, in 2014, when DNA testing was very much a thing, Jacoba Ballard took a 23andMe test and discovered she had multiple half-siblings. The siblings became friends, and realised all their parents had been treated by Cline. They then began to uncover more and more about their family tree and pursued justice against Donald Cline’s dark web of deceit.

Reviews and what people are saying about documentary Our Father on Netflix

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Reviews of Our Father call it ‘disturbing’, ‘evil’ and people are saying it made them feel ‘sick to my stomach’

At the moment, reviews of Our Father are pretty much all in agreement – the story is horrid, but the film is a must watch. The Guardian reviewed the documentary and said it is “an undeniably gripping tale of a fertility doctor’s shocking crimes”. However, the review does say the doc could have gone into more depth with some wider issues the story presents. The film currently scores 82 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a decent score.

Twitter is shook by the case, as you’d expect. One person called it “one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever watched”, whilst another added it is “the craziest documentary I’ve watched in a while.” Someone else said it left them feeling sick to their stomach and is “one of the most evil true story documentaries I have ever seen.”

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