‘Do a hairstyle tutorial’: Boris is being torn to shreds on his new TikTok account

‘Can I DJ at your next party, Boris?’

So yesterday Boris Johnson launched a TikTok account for No.10 Downing Street in a pitiful attempt to maintain the façade he is in touch with the general public.

“Hi folks, this is Boris Johnson here launching the No.10 TikTok site,” the prime minister said in a video now watched over 2.5m times. “You won’t necessarily catch me dancing on this site but we will have all sorts of stuff about what we’re doing to deliver on our priorities…”

@10downingstreetWelcome to Number 10 TikTok!

♬ original sound – 10 Downing Street

Unsurprisingly, Boris got torn to shreds in the comments. One TikTok user said, “Boris, can you do a hairstyle tutorial please” while another added, “Can I DJ at your next party, Boris?”

Others called on Boris to lower the price of Freddos or pointed out that Theresa May would have used the platform to show off her dance moves.

One person suggested Boris was trying to use the TikTok creator fund to try and reduce the national debt.

In a more sober comment, liked over 20,000 times, one TikTok user asked Boris if he could help with their gas and electricity bill.


And it was busy day all round for the No.10 intern as a second TikTok dropped: “Boris & Rishi listen to your priorities for 2022.”

It’s basically just a split screen of the PM and the chancellor gesticulating to the tune of Ain’t Gonna Stop by Carol Kay. In a word: cursed.

@10downingstreetYour priorities are our priorities.

♬ AIN’T GONNA STOP – Carol Kay

One TikTok user commenting on Boris’s second video felt that their priorities differed somewhat with those of the prime minister.

“My priorities are being able to afford to live mate,” they said.

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