Karen league table: These are the university subjects that students complain about the most

Can I speak to the Vice Chancellor, please?

Being a student is all about not turning up to a lecture because you’re hungover and then complaining that your course isn’t meeting your high standards. And although everyone has their inner Karen, some university students actually file official complaints to a watchdog called the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).

In fact, more students than ever before (2,763) complained about their university experience last year, according to the OIA’s annual report.

A third of these complaints were related to the pandemic and £1.3m was dished out in compensation.

The report suggested that Covid along with lecturer strikes made some students feel like “they weren’t getting the learning experiences that they reasonably expected.”

Commenting on the report, a spokesperson for the National Union of Students (NUS)  said: “It’s no surprise that a record number of students have submitted university complaints.

“And these stats will underestimate the number of those who aren’t happy with their experience – this disapproval will have been shared by thousands more students who either don’t know about or weren’t able to access this complaints mechanism.”

But which subjects do students complain the most about?

The university subjects that receive the most complaints from students


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