Tom Hanks’ annoying son Chet refuses to apologise for culturally appropriating accents

He’s back at it again!

Tom Hanks’ irritating son, Chet, has refused to apologise for culturally appropriating accents in a move that shocked absolutely no one. Last week, a trailer for season two of Ziwe was released, featuring Chet Hanks alongside other celebs like Emily Ratajkowski.

Ziwe is a late night show in which Ziwerekoru ‘Ziwe’ Fumudoh grills celebs such as Chet on controversies in which they have been involved. In the trailer, Ziwe asks Chet: “What accent will you be conducting this interview in?”

Chet, who’s come under fire for using “blaccents”, replied in Jamaican slang: “Bof!”


Chet Hanks

Back in 2020, Chet Hanks was slammed for imitating Jamaican patois in an online rant about Donald Trump following the outcome of the American presidential election.

Ziwe asked Chet if he wanted to apologise to any marginalised communities he may have offended, to which he replied: “Nah.”

Last March, Chet Hanks declared summer 2021 a “white boy summer”– a whitewashed spin on the title of Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 banger, “Hot Girl Summer.”

And it will come as no surprise that he’s also a massive anti-vaxxer, telling his 535k Instagram followers back in August: “You ain’t stickin’ me with that motherfucking needle.”


Emily Ratajkowski also gets a grilling on the show. When Ziwe asks the Inamorata CEO what empowerment means to her, Ratajkowski replies: “I don’t know what empowerment means.”

You can watch season two of Ziwe here.

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