Bad Education love lives: Who are the cast dating in real life?

No, Alfie and Miss Gulliver aren’t dating in real life

Bad education aired almost a decade ago, in August 2012, yet the show is still as popular as ever. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it is just a show, and the actors actually have their own lives. This means that in real life, sadly, Jack Whitehall (Alfie) was not deeply in love with Sarah Solemani (Miss Gulliver). So the question is, what is happening with the Bad Education cast love lives and most importantly, is Jack Whitehall single? Here’s a rundown of the love lives of the Bad Education cast, starting with Chantelle.

Nikki Runeckles

Relationship status: Married

Nikki plays the flirty character Chantelle on the show, but her real love life is much different to her characters, who was never really able to hold down a boyfriend. In real life Nikki is married to Joel Whitaker, who she first started dating in 2014 and then married in 2018. Nikki and Joel share three children together, their most recent being born late 2021.

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Kae Alexander

Relationship status: Long-term boyfriend

In the show Kae plays a sassy smart girl, Jing, who never really has any mention of a love life. However, in real life she has a long-term boyfriend. Kae has been with her boyfriend, Lewis Goody, since July 2011.

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Charlie Wernham

Relationship status: Married

Cheeky boy Mitchell is played by Charlie in Bad Education. In the show Charlie has a hard time trying to flirt and makes a fool of himself. Luckily in real life he seems to have more game as he is married. Charlie is married to his long term partner, Emma Collis.

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Jack Binstead

Relationship status: Single

In the show Jack plays Rem dogg, the sidekick and best friend of Charlie’s character, Mitchell. Just like the show, in real life Jack is currently single. However he does have a daughter called Daisy.

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Sarah Solemani

Relationship status: Married

Sarah’s fictional love life is a key focus of bad education, as main character Alfie Wickers. played by Jack Whitehall, is in love with her, for most of the show however the love is unrequited. This is not the case in real life as Sarah is in a long term marriage with partner Daniel E Ingram. They have been married since June 2012 and share two children together.

Layton Williams

Relationship status: Single

In Bad Education Layton plays the sassy best friend of Chantelle, Stephen. In real life it is reported that Layton is currently single and has been for a while. Layton is very successful, so who really has time for a partner when you’re a Westend star in Everybody’s talking about Jamie??

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Ethan Lawrence

Relationship status: Single

Ethan plays adorable Joe in Bad Education, like many characters in the show never really have luck with love. For Ethan this also seems to be the case in real life as he is currently single. Ethan is however having luck in other aspects of life, he recently appeared on the third and final season of After Life.

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Jack Bence

Relationship status: Unconfirmed

In the show Jack plays the resident school bully Grayson. In real life Jack has chosen not to disclose anything to do with his private life like dating so I guess we’ll never truly his relationship status!

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Matthew Horne

Relationship status: Married

Matthew plays the goofy headmaster in Bad Education, Fraser. In early seasons he was competing against Alfie for Miss Gulliver’s affection. However, in his personal life there is no competition for Matthew as he is currently married to Celina Bassili.

Michelle Gomez

Relationship status: Married

Michelle appears as hard-headed, slightly harsh, deputy headmaster, Pickwell. Unlike her character on the show Michelle is not too harsh for love, in fact she has been married for over 20 years, tying the knot in May 2000 to her partner, Jack Davenport. Michelle and Jack Davenport share one child together.

Jack Whitehall

Relationship status: In a relationship

Jack is the mastermind behind the show, having written and starred in it. In Bad Education Jack plays Alfie Wickers, the somewhat delinquent, but very loveable, teacher. Jack is a loveable character on and off the show, and because of this he is currently in a relationship. Jack has been with his model girlfriend, Roxy Horner, for over two years now, first getting together just before lockdown in March 2020.

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