Quiz to see if Massimo from 365 Days would date you

Would Massimo from 365 Days date you? Take this quiz to finally find out

I hate myself for wanting the answer to be yes


It’s ok to admit it if your toxic trait is thinking that Massimo from 365 Days is so sexy that everything that makes him ridiculously problematic and undesirable doesn’t really matter. Throughout the whole of the movies, we see Massimo and Laura getting it on, so it’s hard not to think, you know, yep, he’s a god and I wouldn’t mind a day in Laura’s shoes. This quiz is about to tell you if you could turn the head of Mr 365 Days himself Massimo, or if he wouldn’t look at you twice.

It takes a certain type of person to win over Massimo. He wouldn’t be seen with just anyone. Plus, you have to be at least a little prepared for a life in the Italian mafia where you don’t stop shagging – just so you’re aware. So, it’s time to see if this life is for you, and if Massimo would have you come along for the ride with him. Honestly, I’m not really sure what is the best result in this quiz, so I’ll let you be the judge. Good luck!

Take this quiz to see if Massimo from the 365 Days movies would actually date you:

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