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What year is Derry Girls set in? All your questions about ‘the troubles’ answered

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent more time than you should in the last year eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new and final season of Lisa McGee’s smash-hit comedy Derry GirlsSet against the political troubles in Ireland between 1994 and 1998, Derry Girls portrays the lives and drama of growing up amongst the unrest and tension in Ireland.  But, if like me you weren’t actually alive during this time, you might be a tad confused as to what ‘the troubles’ actually entail, so here are a few pointers to help you out.

What exactly are ‘the troubles’?

The troubles were a period of intense conflict in Northern Ireland which lasted 30 years from the late 1960s until 1998. Conflict was primarily centred around entho-nationalist identity and politics. Although Derry Girls frequently refers to Catholics and Protestants as the two sides, it was not a religious conflict. One of the main issues was the status of Northern Ireland, as some wanted it to remain a part of the United Kingdom whilst the other side wished to leave the United Kingdom and instead form a united Ireland with the South.

Derry Girls season one is set in the year 1994

Season one is set after the signing of the first Ceasefire, which signalled the start of the end of the troubles. However the show hasn’t stuck exactly to the chronological historical timeline which some of you might have clocked since season one ends with the Omagh car bomb which took place in 1998!

Derry Girls year

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Season two is set in 1995

The second season focuses on the main character’s progression rather than the troubles. Derry Girls season two takes place one year after the first ceasefire signing, but three years before the actual end of the troubles.

Season three is set in 1996

So season three marks the final chapter of Derry Girls and it’s set in 1996. As we saw the first signing of the Ceasefire in season one, we’re now going to see the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 – the event that’s seen as the official end of the troubles in Ireland.

And no, apart from all of the historical references, Derry Girls is not based on a true story. The show’s creator, Lisa McGee told the Guardian: “The fact that if you’re a woman and you write, it has to be a true story, basically. But I don’t mind talking about it because obviously some of it is very much my life.”

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