Catch yourself on and have a look at these vibey Derry Girls behind the scenes pics

Being a Derry Girl is just a state of mind

Derry Girls is sensational TV, bringing us all the wholesomeness of sweet teenage friendships and having to deal with your parents in the middle of the Troubles. And it looks like the cast are best mates too – which doesn’t surprise us one bit.  The third series of Derry Girls is here and it’s the last one ever so to get us through the grief, here are some of the best behind the scenes pics which are guaranteed to give you outrageously strong fomo.

Turns out James isn’t just an annoying wee English fella after all

And Dennis isn’t that bad either

The whole McCool family together


Vibing with Neeson

The best gang ever

Via Instagram @jamie.lee.od

I need to be their best mate NOW

Via Instagram @jamie.lee.od

Via Instagram @jamie.lee.od

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