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‘I was getting groomed’: Quen Blackwell addresses friendship with an ‘older producer’

A number of fans have questioned whether the individual is Diplo

TikToker Quen Blackwell has revealed she had a bad experience with an unnamed “40-year-old” – and viewers speculate she could be talking about Diplo.

The content creator moved in with the big-time music producer back in 2020, in order to veer away from comedy and kickstart her music career. Fans quickly grew concerned for Quen’s welfare, due to the 21-year age difference between the pair.

Two years later, and with no music to speak of, Quen has addressed the rumours in a now-deleted series of TikToks.

Quen insisted in 2020 there was nothing going on between herself and Diplo: “I’d rather break both my legs and be forced to walk than pursue Diplo romantically and he’d rather choke,” she said.

Diplo also set the record straight, explaining, “I rent one of my properties to Quen Blackwell. And yes I use the studio that is in that building. Her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and I can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us.”

According to The Daily Dot, Quen said in her latest TikTok: “Throwback to that time I was getting groomed and all the 40-year-olds around me were like: ‘Your souls are so in sync.

“Like, can anyone call the police? ‘Cause I’m not in a good situation and y’all are just making it worse.”

The caption read: “Never link with 40-year-olds.”

In another deleted video reposted by Instagram news account DefNoodles, Quen tearily replied to a comment asking the whereabouts of her new music.

“This producer told me to come out here when I was 17… I didn’t know what I was coming out here for. But I started making music… I stopped working on myself at all.

“My music’s been a journal to me through all the bullshit I dealt with from someone older… wanting to help me but essentially seeing a young creative and wanting to own them and having them as part of their crew. It’s so weird.”

quen blackwell diplo

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A third TikTok showed screen-recordings of a conversation between Quen and the unnamed individual. One of the texts read: “I’ve done too much for you to just ignore me. These things create so many problems for me. Why don’t you understand that?” While another read: “I only went and touched your nipple once, that don’t count as grooming.”

One last text from the individual read: “Make a comment that says this is not about me so it won’t go viral and make my life a nightmare.”

The Tab has contacted Diplo’s representatives for comment. 

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