These are all the bizarre Coachella rules people at the festival have to follow

You can only drink in specific areas??

Coachella, also known as the Influencer Olympics, is back in full force. But while it may look picture-perfect on your Instagram, and let’s be real you would have given practically anything to go to the festival when you were 17, there’s one simple truth you can’t ignore: Coachella has some really weird rules. They probably have very good reasons behind them, but it seems VERY different to the English festivals we know and love.

Here are all the bizarre rules people at Coachella have to follow:

You can only drink in specific areas

Apparently alcohol consumption is restricted to specific areas. Someone from Business Insider who went to Coachella in 2019, wrote: “You’re allowed to buy or consume alcoholic beverages only in designated 21-plus areas. A variety of fenced-in beer gardens and cocktail spaces dot the sides of the main stages.”

They called this “brilliant”, saying there’s less distraction from the music and less drinks spilled on you, but it sounds as far from Reading and Leeds as any festival could possibly get.

And you can only get two drinks at once??

According to Grazia, you’re only allowed to order two drinks at a time. There’s nothing on Coachella’s website about this, though.

I guess at least you don’t end up spending your entire life savings on endless rounds of shots for every stranger you’ve met at the festival?

You’re not allowed chains

Coachella’s website says you’re not permitted to bring in chains, chain wallets or chain belts. What will those poor influencers do without their chain belts?

Other things you’re not allowed to bring in include: liquid refills for vapes, flags, flashlights, metal refillable water bottles, glow sticks, hula hoops, selfie sticks, stuffed animals, and massagers (??). You’re also not allowed umbrellas, but you are allowed parasols. I’m not sure what the difference is, but okay.

But you CAN bring ‘smiles and dancing shoes’ (vom)

As well as Coachella’s official list of what you can’t bring, it also has a list of what you can bring – and it’s incredibly cringe. As well as some stuff people might have genuine questions about (like cigarettes and vape pens), it also helpfully lets people know they can bring “dancing shoes”, “smiles”, sunglasses, and mints.

It also says you can bring your phone, as if the influencer event of the year would ever not let people do that.

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