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Why was Jimmy Savile on Big Brother and when did he appear?

He was only on for a short time

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story premiered on Netflix yesterday (6th April), revealing some shocking home truths about the disgraced former TV presenter.

Archival footage showed a variety of shows Savile starred in between 1960 and 2011 – including Jim’ll Fix It, Top Of The Pops and Clunk Click. In the second episode, however, viewers caught a glimpse into his short-lived stint in Celebrity Big Brother.

The featured clip showed the prolific sex offender entering the house and immediately being swarmed by celebrities. Each of them wanted a chance to meet him – but what exactly was Savile doing on Big Brother in the first place? And how long has it been since he was on?

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Savile starred in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2006. The series is widely remembered for its eclectic mix of housemates – including Chantelle Houghton, George Galloway, Jodie Marsh and Pete Burns.

According to The Mirror, the former presenter earned £150,000 for his two-day stretch on the show. Although viewers may be led to believe he appeared as a housemate, this wasn’t actually the case. Savile actually led the series’ special task; in which the celebrities had to fix items around the house alongside him.

Just a few minutes into his appearance, he notably told Coronation Street actress Rula Lenska: “I would want to marry all of you ladies for at least 24 hours.”

He also remarked to Chantelle: “I know that many fellas love you, but they don’t love you with the sincerity and tenderness I do… I always tell the truth, even if I’m lying.”

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Netflix’s latest documentary shows Savile’s fall from grace. Once branded a “national treasure,” he’s now known as one of the most prolific sex offenders in British history.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story is available on Netflix now.

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