Quiz to see if Anthony Bridgerton would marry you

Would Anthony Bridgerton actually marry you? Take this quiz to finally find out

Sorry in advance if the answer is no x

We’re all thinking it. We’ve all watched season two of Bridgerton and wondered if Anthony would marry us, it might even be the exact reason you found yourself on the quiz. It’s fine, just one look at him and the way he is with Kate shows why you might feel that way.

The whole world is obsessed with Anthony Bridgerton right now. We want to be the bane of his existence and the object of all his desires. We want him to say [softly] “lilies” when he looks deep into our eyes because he knows exactly what scent of soap we’re using. And I know you’ve watched the scene of him and Kate in the rain an unhealthy amount of times, don’t even try to deny it. But not all of us can say we truly are the one for Anthony. Are you about to be the next Viscountess? Or do you need to grab your dance card and keep looking for a man to marry?

It’s finally time to find out if you and Anthony Bridgerton really would be betrothed, and he’d take your hand in marriage. If the answer is no, I truly am sorry.

Take this quiz to actually see if Anthony Bridgerton would marry you:

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