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Deepti claims Shake ‘made the other girls cry’ in a revealing podcast interview

Natalie and Deepti spilt a LOT of tea on Lauren Speed’s new podcast

Love Is Blind’s Deepti Vempat claimed Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee made a number of other women cry during filming.

Speaking on Lauren Speed-Hamilton’s new Netflix podcast “We Have The Receipts” Deepti revealed how she truly felt about Shake throughout various moments of the show as well as commenting on his general treatment of women. When asked by Lauren and her co-host Chris Burns what Deepti initially thought of Shake she said she had originally rated Shake very low and he had made other girls cry in the pods.

She said: “I rated Shake very low, it’s kind of interesting because I could tell right away this probably isn’t going to work, especially as I haven’t really dated Indian men before. My whole mindset was like ‘I’m not just gonna go for the Indian just because there’s an Indian right there’, but you know just talking to him and hearing his experiences with the other girls, he made a lot of the other girls cry, they don’t show that.”

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In the first episode of Love Is Blind Shake was seen asking women questions about their weight, exercise regimes and if he could pick them up and put them on his shoulders. Deepti said she addressed comments like these with Shake which caused him to self reflect.

She said: “I had to talk to him about that, that was a rocky step in our progression from the pods, that’s when he had that self reflection moment of like ‘you know I don’t know why I’m asking these questions.’ So I saw some depth in him, I was like ‘oh there’s some good in there somewhere, maybe I just need to extract it out’.”

Deepti was also joined on the podcast by fellow Love Is Blind cast member Natalie Lee where the two women spoke at length about their experience on the show. Deepti revealed what initially attracted her to Shake in the pods, what she thought when she first saw him and how things are going with Kyle. Natalie explained how decided to say “no” to Shayne at the altar and what her current relationship status is.

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This is everything Deepti and Natalie revealed on the podcast:

‘On paper you’re perfect’

When asked by Lauren what drew Deepti to Shake, she said their shared love of music and family upbringing intrigued her and they had a lot of fun together.

She said: “There was a lot of relatability in our life stories, how we grew up and we had a love for music, I just knew i would have a good time with him. But also he’s professional he has that side to him, so on paper you’re like kinda perfect for me.” Is this Love Island now?

Deepti also revealed when they were alone their conversations were very fun and she could see a future with him, “I had that in the back of my mind, our conversations were fun when he let down his wall it was just me and him and there’s no outside noise. So we really connected on that level and I could see a future with him. I saw the potential.”

‘I blacked out’

The podcast conversation soon moved onto Deepti’s first face to face meeting with Shake outside the pods in which he bowed at her feet and grabbed her ass. The ass grabbing is the one part she wasn’t happy with as “my grandpa watched it” however she said she enjoyed the rest of the moment.

“Honestly that moment is unmatched just the emotion and adrenaline there’s so many people watching, it’s one of the top feelings like no matter what’s happened with me and him, that moment is amazing. He came at me like a little puppy dog. He made me feel really comfortable in that situation and when he touched my feet that was so beautiful. I wish he didn’t grab my ass because my grandpa watched it.”

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When asked what she initially thought of Shake’s physical appearance Deepti said she was so overwhelmed she felt like she blacked out, “Honestly I blacked out. I remember asking my producer ‘is he cute?'”

She clarified she did find him attractive during that initial meeting but made a subtle dig and said: “When I care about someone I don’t judge them on their physical looks as much.” Ouch.

‘He just doesn’t know how to talk to women’

After Deepti said “no” to marrying Shake on their wedding day it looked like the two of them wouldn’t carry on seeing each other. However Deepti revealed she tried to maintain a friendship with Shake but felt drained every time she saw him.

She said: “I tried to be friends with him, but as the days unfolded I saw more of his true character and I realised the mask he put on during filming is nowhere near the person I thought he was.

“Every time I hung out with him my energy would be drained. He always has a problem with one person in the room. It was usually a woman. He just doesn’t know how to talk to women. It’s so degrading and misogynistic. We are not friends anymore but I am still there for him if he really really needs me. After the reunion I realised it’s not my problem anymore.”

‘He was hitting on Vanessa’

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Deepti dropped some major tea when she revealed not only did Shake try and flirt with host Vanessa Lachey during the reunion but he was also trying to on their trip to Mexico. Deepti called his actions “so disrespectful”.

‘I picked the stable route’

Ever since Kyle dropped the bombshell piece of information that he wanted to propose to Deepti everyone has been incredibly invested in their potential relationship.

Deepti addressed this and said she was struggling to pick between Shake and Kyle, but ultimately went with Shake because he seemed like the more “stable route”. I’m sorry Deepti but are you ok?

She said with Shake she knew “what life we would have” however with Kyle it “would just be so spontaneous and fun but I wasn’t sure where it would go.”

Deepti teased their potential relationship and called him her “best friend” and said “we’ll see” what happens. Excuse me Deepti I need this relationship to happen now.

‘I almost left the group chat’

shake girls cry

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Like most reality shows the cast members of Love Is Blind have their own group chatting popping off with everyone sharing memes and comments about the show.

After the filming of the weddings Deepti revealed she almost left the group chat because Shake was flirting with other women in the chat.

She said: “The group chat was very triggering for me after filming because Shake was all up in there constantly flirting with other women, I almost left the group chat. I thought ‘I can’t let him win these are my friends you leave’.”

‘He wants the hottest girl in the room’

Throughout Love Is Blind Shake had no problem telling anyone who would listen he thought of Deepti like his aunt. Many viewers suggested this was internalised racism, a point Deepti raised in her interview with Lauren and Chris.

She said maybe Shake thought of her like his aunt purely because she was Indian too and he needed to date blonde women because he wants the “hottest girl in the room”.

She said: “When he calls me his aunt you can clearly see that just because I’m Indian or we’re all Indian that just reminds you of your aunt. He thinks that dating someone who is blonde is the most elite of the elites, like he wants the hottest girl in the room so he feels better about himself.”

‘It was really difficult for me to say no’

shake girls cry

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Natalie joined the podcast episode halfway through and was initially asked to explain how she came to the decision to say no to Shayne at the wedding.

She explained the fight the night before their wedding made her decision for her and even though it was difficult to walk away she knew it was the right decision.

She said: “It was really difficult for me to say no but I knew going into the wedding day that was the right choice for me. But I still switched back and forth. Knowing I was going to disappoint so many people was so hard.”

‘My dad made me feel really secure’

The internet gained a new hero when we were introduced to Natalie’s dad and she credits him with helping her to make her decision about Shayne.

She said: “It’s the way my dad made me feel that day, just really safe and secure and knowing I could fully trust him, and I’d lost that feeling for Shayne.”

Speaking of her parents Natalie revealed she had told her parents she was going on a reality show but not which one, leading her dad to think she would be going on “Survivor”. If only he’d known.

‘Someone else proposed to me’

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On the podcast episode Natalie confirmed she had another proposal in the pods. She said we didn’t get to see it and she was “kinda shocked it didn’t air”.

So who was the mystery proposer? Natalie said he didn’t get much time on the show and was only shown in a 10 second clip. Just gonna go back and rewatch all the episodes in the pods now.

‘I’m not interested’

Another major storyline in Love Is Blind was the love triangle with Shaina, Shayne and Natalie. The two women seemed to have cleared the air during the reunion and Natalie confirmed this was still the case.

“We’re cordial and she’s been nothing but nice to me. I don’t have any hard feelings towards her.”

When asked if she had wanted to meet the guy Shaina promised to set her up with if it didn’t go well with Shayne, Natalie gave a firm “I’m not interested” and confirmed she is very much single right now.

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