This is everything we know about Sex/Life season two so far

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No show on Netflix last year was as undeniably sexy as the drama Sex/Life and thankfully the show is returning for a second season.

The eight episode series told the story of housewife Billie who has the seemingly perfect life – two children, a husband called Cooper who adores her and a massive house in the suburbs. However it’s not enough for her and she begins to reflect on her relationship with her ex music producer boyfriend Brad. She writes in detail about the intense sex life they had, only for her husband to discover it. And thus starts a series of chaotic moments which sees Cooper stalking Brad to the gym, a double date with Billie, Cooper, Brad and Billie’s best friend Sasha, and a sex party.

The series ended with Billie saying goodbye to Brad and committing to her husband. However just as the episode is drawing to a close Billie turns up at Brad’s door leaving us all on the biggest cliffhanger.

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Thankfully Netflix won’t be leaving us hanging and they’ve confirmed season two is on its way. So who is in the series and what is the plot of Sex/Life season two? This is everything we know:

Who is in the cast of Sex/Life season two?

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Netflix has confirmed all the cast members from season one are returning including Sarah Shahi who plays Billie, her real life boyfriend Adam Demos who plays Brad, Mike Vogel who plays Cooper and Margaret Odette who plays Sasha.

This season they’re being joined by five new cast members. Dylan Bruce, Wallis Day, Cleo Anthony, Craig Bierko and Darius Homayoun were all announced last week to be joining the series.

It’s not currently known what their roles in the series will be but the main thing is they’re very attractive and so will fit right in with the Sex/Life cast.

What is the plot of season two?

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The first season of Sex/Life was based on the memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men by writer BB Easton. It told the true story of BB Easton who wrote about her past sex life with four ex-boyfriends only for her husband to find it.

Sex/Life was loosely inspired by this however unlike the show BB Easton didn’t meet up with her old flames.

It’s not known exactly what the plot of season two will be however it’s thought it will still focus on Billie’s difficult decision between Brad and Cooper. However with the addition of new cast members maybe Billie is reflecting on another ex-partner?

The first season had eight episodes however the second season is expected to be shorter with just six episodes.

The show’s creator Stacy Rukeyser revealed the final episode of the season would be called “Heavenly Day”.

When is it coming out?

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Filming for season two began in early February this year. Both Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi have shared pictures from the set.

The filming is expected to end on 6th May this year. The first season ended filming in December 2020 and was released on Netflix in June 2021. So based on that timeline we can expect Sex/Life season two to come out by the end of the year.

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