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Fine, meet Volodymyr Zelensky: The Ukrainian president you’re all thirsting over on TikTok

I can’t believe it’s come to this

People thirsting over politicians – particularly during disasters – always feels a bit off. Throughout the pandemic, we had “Dishy Rishi,” which of course refers to Rishi Sunak and that pic of him serving plates at Wagas during Eat Out To Help Out. Then, when the Russo-Ukrainian invasion was merely a glint in Putin’s eye, we had “Daddy Vladdy.” The less said about that, the better.

On 24th February, the Russian attack on Ukraine launched, prompting most people to go into crisis mode. Civilians fled, troops fought, and people around Europe were glued to the news. TikTokers, however, had other ideas.

While Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was responding to crises as they happened, some started seeing him as a bit of a Batman-esque superhero. His ability to stay calm paired with his unflinching masculinity gave some people… well, the horn, basically.

Zelensky fancams are constantly being made on TikTok, with people saying things like: “Okayyyy Mr. President” and “I’m in a happy relationship, but…”

@danbejarschild our king 🙏🏼 Slava Ukraini! #russia #ukraine #fyp #zelenskyy #zelensky #daddyze #foryou #fancam #fancam🍎✨ #war #europe #putin ♬ original sound – Jak

So, fine. If it’s what you want. Here’s everything you need to know about President Zelensky. And YES – he is married:

He started his career as a TV producer

Zelensky joined the comedy circuit at the age of 17. He was soon scouted, and asked to join several comedy groups before eventually forming his own in 1997. For five years, he toured around Russia and post-Soviet countries (like Moldova) with the group Kvartal 95.

In 2003, the group began producing TV shows for the Ukranian TV channel 1+1. They moved on to sister channel, Inter, two years later.

Zelensky won Dancing With The Stars in 2006

The current president took part in the first series of Tansi z zirkamy – the Ukrainian version of Dancing With The Stars. He beat seven other competitors to win the whole thing, including singers Nadia Meiher and Natalia Mohylevska.

A clip of Zelensky performing to Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes went viral this week, no doubt prompting hundreds of new fancams. Sigh.

His film career took off in 2008

He first starred in a film called Love In The Big City, which spawned two sequels. In the years afterwards, he also fronted comedy movies Office Romance: Our Time, Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon and 8 First Dates.

He’s the literal voice of Paddington

zelensky paddington

Photo via StudioCanal

Oh, yeah. Zelensky is also Paddington Bear in the Ukrainian dub. He played Paddington in both the first film and the sequel – which came out just two years before his presidential run.

Before he went into politics, he donated money to the Ukrainian army

In 2014, the war between Russia and Ukraine started with the Russian invasion of Crimea. As such, Zelensky and his production company donated £2940 (1 million hryvnia) to the Ukrainian army.

Russian officials started a petition to get Zelensky’s works banned from the country – but it came to nothing.

Zelensky played the President of Ukraine before he… actually became President of Ukraine

In a Veep/The Thick Of It-style political sitcom, Zelensky played a high-school teacher unwittingly being elected President of Ukraine, after a clip leaked of him condemning corruption within the country. The TV series was called Servant Of The People, which is what Zelensky actually named his party when he ran for president IRL.

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, Channel 4 will air episode one on Sunday (6th March).

His policies include the de-criminalisation of sex work

President Zelensky is socially left-wing, and supports legalising medical marijuana and free abortion as well as the decriminalisation of sex work and gambling.

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