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QUIZ: Which Arthur character are you?

Is Binky a dog or a potato then?

After 22 years of non-stop meme material, the legendary series that *is* Arthur has now come to an end. Arthur’s final episode aired yesterday (21st February) in the US, and is set to drop on CBBC sometime soon.

The series became known for its constant string of iconic moments – from blowing square balloons to Arthur’s clenched fists and the “Gay Rat Wedding” – it was truly the gift which kept on giving. Even the final episode has been the bearer of memes since it premiered – with Arthur looking like a Cex employee, snitchy DW literally becoming a police officer and Muffy running for mayor.

So many different people grew up watching Arthur over the last couple of decades – but the question remains. If you could be any character from the animalistic cinematic universe, which one would you be?

Are you as spoilt as Muffy? As iconic as DW? As level-headed as The Brain? Will we finally be able to clarify what kind of animal Binky’s meant to be?!?

Take our quiz, made in honour of Arthur’s final ever episode, to find out exactly who you are:

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