Here’s why Wordle is giving users different correct answers

Don’t worry, we’re confused too

Users of the beloved internet sensation Wordle have been getting riled up, after discovering that it’s giving people different correct answers for the same day’s question.

It comes less than a week after the daily word game moved to The New York Times (NYT) platform after the publisher bought it from creator Josh Wardle for an undisclosed “seven-figure sum”.

Users first noticed that there was more than one correct answer on Wordle day #241, when some people were getting “AROMA” and others “AGORA” (whatever that is?).

To put it lightly, people were not happy.

So, here’s why Wordle is giving users different correct answers

After relentless arguments on Twitter, one user came forward to share why this problem is occurring. They said that users who are still using the old Powerlanguage website (as opposed to the more recent New York Times one) will be getting different answers.

The reason the sites are producing different answers is apparently because the New York Times have been updating the world list to make it “more accessible” and “less obscure”, as well as removing any “insensitive or offensive” words.

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