Here’s everything we know about *that* breastfeeding cat woman TikTok

Chaotic is an understatement

So the latest viral video to grace our FYP on TikTok is the absolutely bizarre breastfeeding cat woman. Yep, really. It’s since gone viral on Twitter and people are completely losing their minds as to whether it’s real or not.

The four-part clip shows a woman arguing with other passengers on a flight about her “baby”, whom they claim to be a cat. At first, it simply looks like she’s breastfeeding a baby under a blanket. However one particularly riled up passenger continues to insist that her baby is in fact a cat. The clip ends with the air host removing the blanket to reveal a fake stuffed toy cat. Truly bizarre.

Where did the video come from?

The viral four-part video was posted by the TikTok user @alessiavaesenn and has since raked up over 61 million views.

However, after Twitter users did some digging, it turns out the video was actually posted on a Facebook page called “The Gooch” on December 18th. The Gooch is a content creator with over 98,000 followers on Facebook and former Ringling Brothers circus clown who posts “scripted dramas, satires, parodies, magic tricks, pre-recorded videos, and other forms of entertainment” on his page.

Many of the videos on the Gooch’s page are set on a plane, including a video posted December 16 titled “Rude woman on plane gets instant karma” about a woman complaining about being seated next to a baby (which appears to be covered in the same blanket as the cat in the breastfeeding video).

Sooooo, is it fake?

Well unfortunately (or fortunately…your call) it seems so, yes.

It appears the breastfeeding woman is Taylor Watson, an artist, songwriter, and content creator – with over 100,000 followers on TikTok.

Watson hasn’t posted the cat breastfeeding video on her Facebook page, but she did post another clearly staged video a week ago, shot on an airplane set that looks similar to the one in the Gooch’s video. In this video, she has an altercation with a male passenger, who is played by the same actor in the cat breastfeeding video. She is also wearing the same fuzzy white coat.

Although it seems this video is fake, there is reason to believe that it might be based on a true event, which happened earlier this month – when a woman on a flight from Syracuse, NY, to Atlanta, GA, was caught breastfeeding her hairless cat on a Delta flight.

Either way – fake or not – people are going mental for this video on Twitter and just can’t get enough. Here’s the full thread, purely for your enjoyment:

Truly iconic.

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