horse girl

QUIZ: What percentage horse girl are you?

If your name’s Gemma Owen, feel free to skip this quiz x


Every single person born after 1997 knows at least one horse girl – I’m willing to die on this hill. They’re usually unspeakably rich, they’re naïve, they probably don’t have a political stance… and they LOVE ponies. This type of girl has genuinely become a cultural staple throughout the last two decades. Kids were out here watching The Saddle Club, reading the Magic Ponies series and playing along with Barbie’s Horse Adventures. It was a moment.

But – I hear you cry – what exactly is a horse girl?

Well, they’re more than just girls who love horses. Horse girl-ism is a LIFESTYLE. If you grew up reading The Famous Five – this probably applies to you. If you took riding lessons on a Sunday afternoon – this probably applies to you. If your name is Becky, Hattie or (worse) Hetty – this *definitely* applies to you.

There’s only one purely scientific way of measuring which percentage horse girl you are, by the way, and that’s by taking this quiz.

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