These are the most cursed products celebrities have tried to sell us

Harry Styles really wants £50 for nail varnish?

It’s rare to find a celebrity today who doesn’t have a product line. Whether its beauty, alcohol or fashion celebrities cannot stay in their acting or music lane and instead feel the need to branch out and give us yet another overpriced highlighter or gin.

In the early 2000s celebs would bring out a perfume and maybe an autobiography but that would be it. Some of those fragrances were legendary, I still want the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. However over the years celebrities have found a way to expand their careers and make even more money by creating product lines of their own. This goes beyond collaborating with a brand and releasing an edit, celebrities are becoming fully fledged CEOs and making millions from their products.

They all promise they have been involved in every step of the creation, use the products themselves and couldn’t live without them – and we shouldn’t either. And in fairness a select few are great. Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line was one of the first to offer 40 shades of foundation at launch and anyone who has used her Fenty gloss knows how good it is. But she is the exception not the rule.

The majority of celebrity created product lines just appear to be carbon copies of each other with different branding that fits the celebrity’s vibe. The products are usually ridiculously expensive and sometimes just plain weird.

These are some of the most cursed products celebrities have tried to sell us over the years:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candles

via Goop

You know Gwyneth was going to make an appearance on this list. Over the years she has got a lot of slack for the products she’s promoted with Goop, her wellness brand.

Of all the products she’s ever released the most cursed has to be the “this smells like my vagina candle”. I think I speak for everyone when I say absolutely no one needed this. And for £71? No thanks Gwyneth.

Gwyneth’s 24k dildo

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I am all about female pleasure and making sure women get their orgasms too. However you don’t need to get one with a 24 karat gold dildo that costs you more than a month’s rent.

Harry Styles’s nail varnish

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Harry Styles fans do not come for me. When it was announced Harry was creating a beauty brand I was intrigued and thought it was a bold move.

And the main product being nail varnish is really cool, however what is not cool is pricing the nail varnishes at £50 for a set of four. £50? I could get my nails done professionally many times at that price and they would look far better than me attempting to do my right nails with my left hand.

The nail polishes look cool in their bottles and they’re vibey shades but there is no way in hell you could convince me to spend that much money on some nail polishes.

Machine Gun Kelly’s nail polish line

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God the men are really going for making nail polish the new thing and I’m rather enjoying. Earlier this week Machine Gun Kelly released his genderless nail range UN/DN LAQR.

Gender neutral, vegan, vibey colours, its ticking all the boxes. However like Harry Styles MGK is charging over $50 for three nail varnishes. I am not made of money sir.

But the most chaos thing about MGK’s brand has to be him turning up to the launch with Megan Fox with a chain attached to both their pinky nails. I can’t with this couple anymore.

Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila

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Is anyone shocked a Kardashian/Jenner product ended up on this list? When Kendall Jenner announced she was coming out with her own tequila brand she was met with a lot of backlash of accusations of cultural appropriation.

The advert for the tequila in particular really pissed people off as many claimed she was using stereotypical costumes from Mexican culture and taking work away from local families who rely on tequila production.

Bella Hadid’s seltzer drink

I cannot deal with celebrities and their obsession with wellness alternatives anymore. Bella Hadid quietly announced she was the co-founder of a new drinks brand called Kin Euphorics earlier this year.

The drink is a non-alcoholic adaptogen-infused seltzer, whatever that means. The orange coloured beverage claims to be “the first braincare beverage” and is meant to help with stress reduction. You know what also helps with stress? Wine.

Kin Euprohics also claims to improve your all round wellbeing, however dietitian Tai Ibitoye told Insider there isn’t enough evidence to back up these claims.

Zoella’s advent calendar

When Zoella was at her peak she released an advent calendar for £50. However it only had 12 doors and the total cost of the items inside if bought separately cost £20.

It included a bauble, candle, key ring, room spray, cookie cutters and confetti. Yes, the calendar really cost £50 for some confetti.

At the time a representative for Zoella said she didn’t control the pricing and after all the backlash Boots reduced the cost of the calendar to £25.

Cardi B’s whipped cream

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I love Cardi B but selling whipped cream is just so chaotic. The cream is dairy free and contains 10 per cent vodka.

Whip Shots comes in three flavours and in fairness the reviews seem to be saying it tastes good. I just cannot get my head around Cardi B selling whipped cream as her side hustle.

All the shoes in Katy Perry’s collection

via Katy Perry Collections

Ok so I didn’t even know this was a thing, but apparently Katy Perry has turned shoe designer and has an entire collection. There’s flats, heels and jelly sandals.

They’re not badly priced but I refuse to believe Katy is walking around in these jelly sandals. It’s not 2012 anymore.

Seth Rogan’s cannabis line

Only a celebrity would get away with creating a weed line.

Belle Delphine’s bath water

I saved the weirdest for last. In 2019 Instagrammer Belle Delphine sold her own bath water for $30. And it sold out in within three days.

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