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The 10 best boshes from Big John on TikTok, ranked

Healthy bit of Chinese? Bosh

TiKTok has often been the home to iconic parents. As young consumers, we’re obsessed with content about parents and teachers because we find it equal parts relatable and completely alien. The impact of iconic parents like the mums that badly lip synced to Aly & AJ’s Potential Breakup Song took off so much it got the musical duo to rerelease the song. My favourite dad of recent is Big John, the high priest of BOSH. John’s content is from the account @willbatross on TikTok, and chronicles some of his best meals, antics and general Essex chaos all finished off with a timeless declaration of his catchphrase: BOSH. His son’s a boxer and he’s good mates with Thomas from The Apprentice, but the star here is Big John in all his glory. Here are the 10 best Big John bosh videos on TikTok, ranked:

10. David Train bosh

@willbatross David train bosh #kingprawns #foryou #bosh #chinese #food ♬ original sound – Willbatross

In this hallowed footage, Big John is tucking into a Chinese, which he is wan to do. This time however, the fateful scran is courtesy of David Train. It’s one of the more eccentric and mysterious declarations of bosh from Big John on TikTok, and that’s what makes it so special.

9. Strategic curry sauce bosh

@willbatross Curry sauce bosh #bosh #foryou #england #food #currysauce ♬ original sound – Willbatross

When Big John parts wisdom like this, you better listen. “Always keep two curry sauces in your car, just in case you never know where your next portion of chips are coming from.” That’s an ancient proverb as far as I’m concerned. Bosh.

8. Beef wellington bosh

@willbatross Beef Wellington bosh #food #beefwellington #foryou #england ♬ original sound – Willbatross

It’s not just Chinese that Big John chows down on, as proved by him firmly putting a retro English fave back on the culinary map with this timeless bosh. Simple, effective and served with peas and sweetcorn.

7. Pizza platter bosh

@willbatross Oh gorn then #lunch #pizza #foryou #food #greece ♬ original sound – Willbatross

This is your sign from the Big John TikTok gods to order that pizza you’re craving. Just get a slice down ya! Bosh.

6. Healthy balanced bosh

@willbatross Juice box bosh #juice #smoothie #foryou #health #diet ♬ original sound – Willbatross

Big John is the picture of health as he downs a superfood infused juice – boosted immune system BOSH.

5. Soothing The Boshweiler bosh

@willbatross The boshweiler isn’t happy with Noble #westham #marknoble #foryou #football ♬ original sound – Willbatross

Big John and The Boshweiler both mourn West Ham’s loss in this heartbreaking footage. True friends leaning on each other in their time of need, all rounded off with a good ol’ bosh.

4. Back up balti bosh

@willbatross Back up balti #curry #foryou #food #balti #indian ♬ original sound – Willbatross

Big John goes to celebrate Freddie’s 18th birthday, and Steve is cooking Indian for the occasion. But Big John declares that if all fails, they’ve got a BUB: Back Up Balti. Bosh.

3. Netball bosh

@willbatross Netball. Bosh #netball #bosh #foryou #england ♬ original sound – Willbatross

In one of the most enigmatic and cinematographically impressive boshes, Big John is mysteriously on the sidelines of a netball game. The camera pans and we hear “Netball. Bosh.” It’s over within three seconds. Majestic.

2. Sunny beer bosh

@willbatross Big John’s on holiday #bosh #holiday #foryou #beer #greece ♬ original sound – Willbatross

Big John goes peak Dad on his Greek holiday, having a beer in a frozen glass in the sun. He’s overjoyed. Bosh.

1. Told off bosh

@willbatross Healthy bit of Chinese #helathy #chinese #bosh #karen #food #takeaway #bosh ♬ original sound – Willbatross

The most mischievous bosh in the mix is also the best, with Big John and his wife in dispute over tea. Whilst she insists she cooked him lamb, Big John says “I’ve had no tea! Nothing you could eat anyway. Bosh!” An inedible lamb bosh. Two teas bosh. A Big John TikTok bosh for the history books.

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