Antisemitic incidents are at a record high on campus. These five unis are where it’s the worst

Cases have gone up by 59 per cent in a year

Nadhim Zahawi has been very vocal about the importance of stamping out antisemitism on campus lately, particularly after visiting Holocaust sites in Poland, earlier this month.

A spokesman for CST said: “This record high for university-related antisemitic incidents, and the fact they have risen for the fourth year in a row, should ring alarm bells for everyone in the higher education sector.

“Universities need to be doing much more to ensure their complaints processes are fit for purpose and that Jewish students get the necessary support when they suffer antisemitism.”

Warwick University, who has the joint highest number of antisemitic incidents reported, told Jewish News: “We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Antisemitism is abhorrent, and runs contrary to everything we stand for as a University.

“We are committed to working in close partnership with our whole community to ensure everyone feels safe, valued and respected. Anyone found guilty of expressing antisemitic views will face sanctions, which may include expulsion or withdrawal from the university.”

They added: “We strongly encourage any student or member of our community who wishes to make a complaint or allegation of antisemitism to use our report and support service so that we can take action and support them.”

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