The RHOBH reunion is finally over, so here are 23 memes about the chaotic four episodes

Let’s be honest, nothing was resolved

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion has finally come to an end and after an incredibly chaotic season the four part reunion cleared up approximately five per cent of everyone’s questions.

The 11th season of the show focused on the breakdown of Erika Jayne’s marriage to Tom Girardi. There were lawsuits, alleged car accidents and alleged mistresses. In between the legal drama there were also fights between Garcelle and Dorit and Sutton and Crystal. And of course this season introduced us to the legend that is Kathy Hilton.

The majority of the other drama was cleared up pretty quickly during the reunion, which left us with three episodes full of time for Andy to grill Erika and to finally get answers to the many questions everyone had. Except that didn’t really happen. After watching all four episodes I feel more confused about what happened than I did before.

And it’s safe to say Bravo watchers on Twitter were feeling the exact same about the reunion. There’s been hundreds of iconic and hilarious tweets summing up everyone’s feelings about the reunion.

So in order to take some sense of joy from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, here’s 23 memes about the chaotic episodes:

1. Legally Andy

2. We really did not need four parts

3. Yeah I’m going to pass on asking a question

4. I love Kathy Hilton

5. Lisa, please

6. Real imagery of me right now

7. Just love Mauricio tbh

8. LOL

9. Now that would be good TV

10. Sutton for president

11. So glad Kathy is in my life now

12. Seriously?

13. Strongly disagree Andy

14. Too good for this world

15. Have I mentioned I love Kathy Hilton?

16. About time

17. Curious

18. On a side note, can we bring back Eileen?

19. So accurate

20. A major red flag

21. Ok but what actually happened?


22. This reunion cleared up nothing

23. Anyway thank god that’s over

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