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Tattoo apprentice gets Greggs tattoo to celebrate her love of vegan sausage rolls

‘I definitely wouldn’t say no to another Greggs tattoo’

Think you love Greggs? Well think again, because no one loves Greggs as much as 23-year-old Beth Kweeday who has a vegan sausage roll tattoo on her leg.

Tattoo apprentice Beth recently added to her tattoo collection with some permanent artwork dedicated to Greggs after her colleagues noticed her obsession as she would visit the local bakery multiple times a day.

Beth designed the tattoo in collaboration with colleague Rachel Baldwin at tattoo studio Bold as Brass in Liverpool.

“All my colleagues in the tattoo shop have a running joke about how often I buy food from Gregg’s.

“When Rachel suggested the tattoo, I was on board straight away – a lot of my tattoos are quite serious so it’s good to have a jokey one too,” Beth said.

via Rachel Baldwin/SWNS

Rachel who created the brightly coloured tattoo said it took around an hour and was a great way to celebrate Beth’s love of Gregg’s vegan options.

She said: “The tattoo idea came about because Beth goes to Greggs around five times every day. She loves all the vegan options they have so I suggested we solidify her love.”

via Rachel Baldwin/SWNS

The tattoo was done just over a week ago on 21st October and now it has fully healed Beth said she couldn’t be happier and would even have another Greggs tattoo.

She said: “I definitely wouldn’t say no to another Gregg’s tattoo – it’s opened a door for me now. It’s safe to say I’m a Gregg’s superfan!”

Beth isn’t the only fan to have had a Greggs tattoo. Last year a 20-year-old woman called Caitlin Jones had the Greggs logo tattooed on her bum after missing the bakery during lockdown.

Featured image credits via Rachel Baldwin/SWNS

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