Ok, but why do teachers always say these 27 passive aggressive things?

6. You’re the one who needs your GCSEs not me – I’ve got my degree

If there’s one thing teachers can be it’s passive aggressive. Sure they can be helpful, inspiring and hardworking. But when it comes down to a teacher’s defining trait it is hands down passive aggression. You just don’t get that level of attitude anywhere else in life.

A lesson, break time or parents’ evening cannot go by without a teacher making a sassy comment. Whether it’s students not being quiet or someone misbehaving, they love uttering a rhetorical question. We probably were pains in the arse at school, but hey that’s what you sign up for as a teacher. There’s no need for passive aggression is there now miss?

Wherever you went to school and no matter what type of school you went to, you will definitely have encountered at least half of these common passive aggressive sayings from your teacher:

1. It’s not my time you’re wasting, it’s yours.

2. Are you aware this costs the school money?

3. You’re in year 11 now, you have to set an example to the younger children.

4. Do you know why you’ve been sent out of the lesson today?

5. I think you do get it.

6. You’re the one who needs your GCSEs not me – I’ve got my degree.

7. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

8. There’s a lot of silly behaviour in here and I am NOT impressed.

9. I need you to do a little job for me.

10. Settle down.

11. They’re not really suitable.

12. If I were you I’d be concentrating right now.

13. Well look who decided to show up.

14. Why didn’t you go to the bathroom during your lunch break?

15. Why are you packing away? There is still one minute left of the lesson.

16. The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you.

17. It’s not THAT difficult.

18. I’ll wait.

19. Have I finished talking?

20. I didn’t hear anything you said because you didn’t raise your hand.

21. Nobody is leaving this room until I find the lid of the glue stick.

22. What did I tell you about leaning back on chairs?

23. Right, why can I still hear talking?

24. I’m sorry, am I interrupting you?

25. Do you want to teach this class?

26. Why are your feet on the desk? Would you do that home?

27. I don’t know, CAN you go to the bathroom?

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