YOU fans have spotted a hilarious error in season three message scene

Sorry, that is not Joe Goldberg?!

Viewers of season three of YOU have spotted a hilarious error in one of the scenes including a very dodgy picture of Joe, which has since gone viral on TikTok. The person who posted the video said they are “losing their mind” over the moment, and to be honest, I’m surprised nobody in the production team spotted this sooner.

In one of the episodes of YOU season three, Love is texting Marianne from Joe’s phone – as you can tell by the picture of Joe next to the texts she’s sending. She says “come by my house ASAP. Emergency”. But, the problem is – Joe’s apparent messenger picture looks nothing like him. Unless this picture is taken of Joe Goldberg in 30 year’s time, that is.

@annabellleryanIM LOSING MY MIND????WHO IS THAT?????? ITS JOEY SILVERBERG ##You ##youseason3 ##joegoldberg

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The TikTok is captioned: “I’M LOSING MY MIND???? WHO IS THAT?????? IT’S JOEY SILVERBERG”. It’s had over a million views and well over 100k likes. People in the comments section are also losing their minds. “How hard would it have been to use a single picture of him I’m so confused about the laziness lmao,” one person said. Another added: “Penn Badgley wasn’t available for the photo shoot so they got Peen Badleg from set design to step in and called it a day”. Another questioned if it is actually Chandler Bing whilst someone else quite simply said, “I’m screaming”. Same.

YOU fans spot error in the picture of Joe Goldberg in messenger scenes during season three

via Netflix

I’m really not sure what happened here at all? Brb, going to rewatch this scene immediately. It’s 27 minutes into the last episode in case you’re wondering.

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