After last night’s reunion episode, where is the MAFS UK cast now?

Daniel and Matt are moving to Northern Ireland

After five weeks Married At First Sight UK has finally finished and last night’s reunion episode ended the series with love, awkward moments and of course Nikita kicking off.

The show started with eight couples tying the knot to perfect strangers. Now we are left with just three couples who are still making a go of their relationship after the experiment – Daniel and Matt, Marilyse and Franky and of course Adam and Tayah.

In the weeks since the show has wrapped there’s been OK! Magazine shoots, new relationships and moves across the country. This is where the cast of Married At First Sight UK are now:


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As revealed in last night’s episode Amy and Josh have broken up and Amy is now single.

Writing on Instagram yesterday Amy said she was heartbroken at the time and is sad to have missed out on hot girl summer.

However now she is focused on the future with includes turning 35, moving house and continuing her work with Racing TV and her career as an influencer.


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In last night’s episode Josh made it clear he has moved on from his relationship with Amy.

He appears to just be doing his own thing and hasn’t shared much on Instagram.


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Last night’s reunion episode was easily the most awkward for Luke and Morag. They have broken up since they made their commitment vows as Morag revealed they didn’t speak after the experiment.

Morag hasn’t really shared much on social media to give an indication of what she’s up to apart from sharing images from the show.


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Luke is no longer with Morag and has been a quick favourite amongst MAFS fans throughout the show.

He hasn’t been doing a lot since the show ended however he did meet Chris Kamara which is pretty cool.

Marilyse and Franky

In last night’s reunion episode Marilyse and Franky confirmed they were still together with Franky living in the same town as Marilyse. Marilyse also shared her children are big fans of Franky.

However according to The Sun the two have since broken up. A source said the pair have quietly broken up and Franky has already moved back to Dubai.

They said: “It’s all over between Marilyse and Franky. They’re very private about their relationship so it has come as a shock to a lot of people.

“No one knows what really went on, but Franky is already back in Dubai for a fresh start.”

The couple themselves have not actually confirmed if they have ended their relationship.

Daniel and Matt

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Easily everyone’s favourite couple from the show Daniel and Matt are thankfully still going strong.

In an interview with OK! Magazine the couple revealed they will be settling in Northern Ireland and are looking to buy a house in the New Year.

Daniel also said he is planning on opening a meditation retreat which Matt will be helping him with after he was made redundant during the pandemic.

They said they are looking to adopt children together and ideally would like to have three.

Tayah and Adam

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Last night’s episode showed Adam and Tayah are still very much in love.

The couple spoke to OK! Magazine and revealed Tayah has already moved into Adam’s house in Doncaster. They also revealed they now have a puppy together called River and are hoping to eventually have four children.

In their final commitment ceremony Adam proposed to Tayah and they said in their interview they are hoping to get married for real at the venue they did in the show.


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She may have been incredibly chaotic but Nikita brought some much needed drama to Married At First Sight UK.

Since the show ended she’s mainly been doing interviews and photoshoots. Nikita has done a few sponsored posts on Instagram and been hanging out with some of the Geordie Shore cast.


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Ant somehow managed to get two women in a show about marriage, however he ended up with neither of them.

Since the show ended Ant is mainly focused on his modelling career which involves a lot of shirtless selfies on Instagram. I’m not complaining 👀.


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Alexis was such a gem on the show and so undervalued. She ended last night’s episode apologising to Nikita for going out with Ant but got no couch time of her own.

And since the show finished she’s mainly been focusing on her modelling career.


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On last night’s episode Jordon didn’t get much screen time but still appears to be close to a lot of the Married At First Sight UK cast, frequently sharing images together on his Instagram.


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Megan and Bob made it firmly clear yesterday they are just friends. The biggest change in Megan’s life is easily her new hair colour, which she debuted this week as a pastel pink ombre look.

Megan has been doing press for the show and regularly posting on Instagram.


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Bob quickly became the nation’s sweetheart in this season’s Married At First Sight UK and you will all be thrilled to know Bob has found someone new.

Speaking on the MAFS Lessons podcast Bob revealed he is seeing someone who isn’t in the TV world.

He said: “I am sort of seeing someone, just seeing how it’s going for the minute. It’s difficult because she’s not in this world at all.

“She’s just a normal person, really grounded, mature, lovely. We are just seeing what’s happening. It’s a weird experience, so I don’t know how serious it’s going to get. There’s something there.”

I’m just so happy for him.

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