Otis might not, but these 25 memes prove we love queen of Sex Education, Ruby Matthews

For her, I would risk it all

One thing has become extremely clear in season three of Sex Education: Ruby Matthews is *that* bitch, and we are simply not worthy of her. Since new Sex Education was released, the memes being shared absolutely everywhere have proven that we are nothing short of obsessed with Ruby, and to be honest, we should be.

From her impeccable wardrobe, unmatched chemistry with Otis, incredible character development and pure beauty – here are all the best memes about our Sex Education love, Ruby.

1. Including die? Probably

2. Look at me now!

3. Just wow

4. This video is my love language

5. Everyone is in love with her!

6. I will never be over this

@sammymccormack_pt 2. ##ruby ##rubymatthews ##maevewiley ##mimikeene ##otisandruby ##season3

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

7. Same x

8. An icon!!!

9. I love it x

The best memes and reactions to Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education season three on Netflix

10. They made this season, and you can’t even try to deny it

11. Nothing else x


The best memes and reactions to Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education season three on Netflix

13. Yes, Ruby is that bitch. And yes, she knows it

@cooksstonemcarried season 3 ##JamieMovie ##TakingCareOfBiz #sexeducation ##rubymatthews ##otismilburn

♬ original sound – jess

14. Truly


16. Do I need help? Probably x

@mh6972This woman 🤌🏻 ##rubymatthews

♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

17. When I say unmatched

18. She has both taken and broken my heart

@maeve.educationRuby ##foryou ##sexeducationnetflix ##fyp

♬ original sound – Maeve

19. I could watch this on loop all day and not get bored

20. Her character development was everything


@asvgrdsbringing back old trends for this x

♬ original sound – millie ⎊

22. I mean, just look at her

23. Don’t ask questions

24. YES!!

25. To conclude:

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