Meet Krystal Versace: The chaotic Kent-based queen on Drag Race UK season three

‘My drag sisters call me the flying squirrel on stage’

Drag Race UK season three is just around the corner and the lineup is looking fierce. One of the queens hoping to impress Ru Paul and the other judges is 19-year-old Krystal Versace.

Hailing from Kent, she is a self-proclaimed chaotic queen and sex-goddess. Here’s everything we know about Krystal Versace:

‘My first time in drag was so overwhelming’

Krystal’s drag journey started when she was just 13 years old and was experimenting with makeup. “It was all trial and error really,” Krystal said. “At the time, boys wearing makeup was becoming a big thing. I practiced so much, and perfected my art, and drag just felt like the natural next step.”

Krystal began performing professionally when she was 17. “My first time in drag was so overwhelming because it was the first time I’d been around other queens, but I just felt like I’d fallen into something so magical.

“I knew that I needed to keep doing drag for the rest of my life!”

What can we expect from a Krystal Versace show?

Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. Expect high kicks, flips and cartwheels at Krystal Versace’s blur of a show. “My drag sisters call me the flying squirrel on stage,” Krystal said.

She’ll be bringing high feminine glam and describes herself as “the ultimate moment.”

Why does Krystal think she should be the next Drag Race UK superstar?

Krystal’s different, refreshing and says she brings a “new fire to drag.” She adds: “I’m a perfectionist. I’m never fully satisfied, It sounds bad but it’s worked in my favour, and I’d probably say my greatest strength is my motivation – I always keep going.”

Save the start date because Drag Race UK season three premieres 23rd September on BBC iPlayer. For all the latest Drag Race memes and Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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