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This is everything you need to know about ITV2’s new dating show Ready To Mingle

The show starts tonight


Love Island has only just finished and yet ITV2 are already back with a brand new dating show. Yes there are still single people available for ITV to cast. This latest show is called Ready To Mingle and it promises to bring some serious drama.

The series takes place in a boujie Devon apartment and sees one woman meet 12 guys all competing for her attention and £50,000. The only problem? Well some of them aren’t single and are being coached by their existing girlfriends to win the money. Yikes.

The series features 12 guys from all over the country who work in jobs such as carpentry and modelling.

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Ready To Mingle launches on ITV2 this evening to fill the Love Island shaped hole in your life and this is everything you need to know about it:

What is the show about?

The newest dating show from ITV2 features a unique premise in which one girl must choose her dream man out of 12 guys who are all competing for her attention, oh and their share of the £50,000 of course.

The biggest twist of the show is that not all the men are actually single and are instead being coached by their existing partners to try and win the money.

The woman will get to know all the guys through a variety of dates and challenges and eliminating each guy as she goes along. However when she finds her “dream man” will he be legit?

Who are the contestants?

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Ready To Mingle will see 24-year-old Sophia Maria from Brighton as the woman who has to suss out the 12 guys and find her dream man.

Sophia was signed up for the show the day after she broke up with her ex and is looking for a guy who looks like Tom Hardy with the personality of Kevin Hart.

Sophia was previously cheated on in a relationship after finding out the guy she was with actually had a girlfriend. Um does she know what show she’s going on?

The 12 men joining Sophia will reportedly include 27-year-old Chris Barber who is an electrician from Newquay, Louis Hart a yoga instructor and model Toby Bougouneau.

Where was Ready To Mingle filmed?

The new dating show was filmed in Torquay in Devon in a £3.5million house on the coast called Bay View House.

The property is over 5,000 square feet and features five bedrooms, a gym/media room and stunning views. Right, when can I move in?

Who presents Ready To Mingle?

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Comedian Katherine Ryan will be taking on the role of presenter of Ready To Mingle. Katherine said she wanted to take on the role because she’s a big fan of reality TV and likes the honesty of this show’s format.

She said: “I am a long-time fan of Reality TV. I think I was a fan of Reality TV by early 2000, maybe…?

“I think Ready To Mingle specifically is my favourite format because of its level of honesty. There are liars but there’s so much transparency about what the game is, what the challenge is and it’s just a whole fresh take where we put all the cards on the table.

“That’s what makes it so entertaining and compelling.”

Just like Sophia, Katherine also doesn’t know which of the boys are single and who is in a relationship, however throughout the show she offers Sophia advice.

When does Ready To Mingle start?

Ready To Mingle drops on ITV2 on Monday 6th September and all five episodes will be available on ITV Hub that evening if you really want a bingeing session.

Watch the trailer here:

Ready to Mingle starts Monday 6th September on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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